Written by postlady

28 Jul 2011

Just thought I would update you on my romps with Rob my older man from the park. As i said we fucked for about 4 years and one of Robs pleasures was for me to tell him about my first experience of sex which no matter how many times I told him just made his cock rigid. I got him to tell me about his experiences with the escort girls he hired and we fucked like rabbits after the telling.

So here is mine maybe it will turn you on, my first was with `Uncle Tony` not a blood relative just a good friend of my parents. Tony and Bel his wife were always around as I grew up they never had any children just a lot of dogs and Bel ran a stable so I always got free horse riding lessons (I always thought that is why I am such a randy bitch all those lessons but great friends to my parents brood withpresents and extra pocket money. I was a slow developer boyish figure but then one day I woke up to find a nice pair of tits and womenly curves which went from zero to 36c in a space of a year. About this time I noticed Tony as being a very handsome man in a mature way and my usual greeting kiss he now planted on my brow instead of the hug and kiss he normaly gave me. Of course being full of myself and the attention I was geting from the boys made me want to push the bounderies with Tony. It was New Year a party at our house, the bells and lots of kissing Tony bent to kiss my brow but I reached up pressed my body against him and kissed him full on the lips he responded opening his mouth his tongue just starting to flick to my mouth realised what he was doing pulled back and walked away. For me that even although it didn`t last long started alonging in me.

I now noticed Tony watching me when he came to visit and I of course was always wanting to hug or touch him much to his discomfort. It was a Saturday Dad shouted Tonys coming over to help do a repair let him in I have to go somewhere be back in 2 hours at the latest. I looked at myself in the mirror I was 18 figure good not bad looking and in my mind I knew I wouldn`t have a better opportunity to see how far I could go with `Uncle Tony`. I showered, rubbed scented body oil in so my skin had a lovely scented silky feel and then I put on a pair of shorty pajamas, not sexy, just a size to small so they were pulled tight over my tits and ass and I waited.

Tony arrived a little uncomfortable at my attire and alone in the house with me as I babbled out Dads instructions, I made tea doing a lot of stretching and bending over for things my shorts pulling tight over my ass my top straining against my tits. I knew he wanted to get out of that kitchen but I had him in my sights no escape. He looked everywhere but at me I stood up moved across and straddled his lap, he went to push me off I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought my open mouth to his my tongue pushing his mouth open and I felt him stop pushing me and he returned the kiss long and hard. I heard him mutter okay if this is what you want and his hands came up to my top a ripped it of me the buttons scattering over the floor his mouth sucking on my tits. He pulled me up pulling my little shorts down his mouth kissing my pussy then a tongue licking I had my first orgasm my body shuddering at the intensity of it I did not want him to stop. He unzipped pulling out what seemed to me a big cock (normal size after a bit more experience) bringing me back over to straddle his lap, his fingers rubbing along my slit till first one and then two entered my wet willing hole, I squirmed as another orgasm shuddered through my body. He finger fucked me for a while while kissing and nibbling on my tits and neck and I got wetter and wetter. He murmered I am going to fuck you now all I could do was nod as he slowely slipped his cock into me, it was tight but once he was in I could feel my pussy muscle grip him, he groaned I shouldn`t be doing this but then he gripped my arse and started to thrust into me slowly at first to get me nice and slippy, my fingers dug into his shoulders my body working with him and soon we were fucking each other hard his hands pulling me up and down hard onto his cock and with one final thrust I felt his cock throb and my pussy filled with hot spunk which seemed to go on for ever, he brought my mouth down to his and gave me a long hard kiss as he emptied himself into me. A few minutes silence and I stood up my legs like jelly and walked to the bathroom to clean his spunk which was running down my leg. Tony stood at the door with my torn shorty pajamas are you okay, I grinned if that is what sex is like I want more of it. Tony left then saying tell your Dad I couldn`t wait. After he left I kept touching my pussy it felt swollen and tender but in a nice way and with all the touching brought myself off. A footnote to this story is everytime I saw Tony after that he had to get me alone to fondle me, slip his hand down my panties to rubb me and although we did not fuck again we gave each other a few knee tremblers wanking each other off memories.

As I said at the begining of this Rob loved to hear all of this and many a time we renacted the scene with me calling him `Uncle Rob` his stories of his time with escorts will have to wait for another day that is of course if you want to hear but writing this has made me horny and as I type this one handed have slipped my panties of and have started fingering myself so byeeeeeee.