Written by Tony

31 Jul 2018

So part 1 ended with me watching my then girlfriend Sarah dancing with her very sexy college friend after they'd both left me their g strings to look after!

...it was coming towards the end of the evening at this point and obviously I was wondering what would happen next, so I asked Sarah if she was wanting to go clubbing. The reply was exactly as I'd hoped. " no, we're going straight home, I've already invited Claire, didn't think you'd mind".

So around 10 minutes later the 3 of us were in the back of a taxi back to my flat. The girls kept myself and the taxi driver entertained on the way home with the occasional passionate kiss and by now the reality was, I was about to watch my gorgeous girlfriend fuck another women.

On arriving home, the girls went into the lounge whilst I went through to the kitchen to get drinks. After grabbing myself a beer I went through to see what the girls wanted. The answer by what I saw was each other!

As I entered the room Claire was sat on the armchair her top pulled down, with Sarah on top of her sucking on her nipples. I sat down to watch them both. Sarah was cleary intent on pleasuring Claire and before long had removed her hot pants and was exploring her perfectly bald pussy with her tongue. This was too much for me, I just had to join them.

I removed my clothes and approached them, as Sarah was already very busy I placed one knee on the armchair and offered Claire my thick 8 inch semi hard cock. Without hesitation she grabbed the shaft slowing stroking it for a while before taking me in her mouth. Fuck it felt good. Claire continued to expertly suck me while I played with her tits, also watching Sarah sucking on her hard clit.

Next Sarah stood up and took control. She removed her clothes, god she looked hot, then told me to sit down on the armchair and instructed Claire to turn her back to me and sit down on my cock.

Claire then slowly lowered herself onto my by now rock hard shaft, slowly moving up and down her pussy felt amazing. Sarah watched this for a while before continuing we're she'd left off on Claire's clit.

The sensation was amazing as every now and then I felt Sarah's tongue on my lower shaft and balls as Claire moved her tight hole up and down my cock. I could feel Claire getting wetter all the the time until she stopped moving and and sat there with me deep inside her while she enjoyed Sarah licking her soaking wet clit. Her moaning then became loader as her pussy tightened up around me as she climaxed loudly all over us both. Fuck me these girls were horny...