Written by Tony

4 Aug 2018

Following on from my recent story Lucky Me, thought I'd share my next adventure with Sarah, my very naughty girlfriend at the time. Having taken Claire home after a night out we continued to look out for other girls to share.

The next opportunity came in a night club.

I was stood at the bar and noticed two girls kissing, I pointed this out to Sarah who looked interested although the whole thing looked staged for a bit of attention. I thought nothing more of this until a little later when one of the 'kissing girls' was stood alone at the bar. Sarah seized the opportunity and went over to talk to her, while I watched from afar.

The conversation went on for a while before the two of them hand in hand moved over to sit in a quiet corner of the club. I re positioned myself so I could see exactly what they were up to. After more talking I noticed the girls hand move up the inside of Sarah's thigh and disappear up her skirt. I felt my cock start to grow at the anticipation of what was to come.

Sarah then straddled the girl and they shared a very long passionate kiss.

Before too long the two girls came over to me and Sarah introduced me to Helen. Helen was around 5ft 6, size 12 ish, dark frizzy hair, gorgeous eyes and a lovely set of large breasts. After a bit of chit chat, Sarah gave me in an update. "Helen has invited us back to hers, although she's a bit unsure about the whole 3some thing" This all sounded good to me, even if I didn't get to join in I was still more than happy to watch.

Fast forward an hour and the 3 of us are in Helen's lounge, music on, enjoying a drink. Things started to hot up as Sarah once again straddles Helen on the sofa as they kiss. The two of them then whisper to each other, which due to the music I can't hear.

Sarah then comes over to me, kisses me and says ' we're going upstairs, give us 5 minutes then you can come up and watch"

5 agonising minutes pass before I venture up. Pushing the door open, I enter the dark room to see the shadows of two naked girls on the bed. Helen has her legs wide open while Sarah goes to work on her pussy. I take advantage of the chair at the side of the room and settle down to enjoy these two fuck each other. Still fully clothed I unbuckle my belt and slide my hand down my jeans to stroke my increasingly hard cock. Helen's pleasurable groans increase as, I can only assume, she climaxes thanks to Sarah's tongue. Sarah then moves up Helen's body and let's her taste her own juices. They two then spend a few minutes exploring each other's body before Sarah stands up, looks over to me and announces, "She's ready for you to fuck her now!"......