Written by Tony

6 Aug 2018

.....from what Sarah had told me earlier I was only expecting to be a spectator so when she announced that Helen was now ready for me to fuck her was a surprise.

I quickly removed my clothes and moved over to the bed were Helen lay naked. As i wasn't fully erect I stood at the side of the bed and slowly touched myself. Helen shuffled across to me and shocked me by opening her legs wide. Her flexibility took her gorgeous long legs past the splitz position and exposed her smooth damp pussy. I moved forward and rubbed my cock on her clit to full stiffness. Helen had gone from someone unsure of having a 3some to a girl now desperate for cock, as she demanded " I want you inside me now"

It felt good as I eased myself deep inside her. She became very vocal, telling me " fuck me hard" and " that feels good" " give me your cock" as I drove my cock inside her and fucked her just as she wanted . It all felt, looked and sounded amazing.

While I was fucking Helen, Sarah had moved on to the bed and began to play with Helen's breasts. This was all getting too much for me so I slowed down until I was very slowly sliding in and out of Helen's tight hole. Sarah then moved to sit on Helen's face to enjoy her tongue for a while. Next Helen moved Sarah's leg slightly and slid two fingers inside her. This sent Sarah wild, and soon she had two hands on the headboard screaming loudly as Helen finger fucked her to orgasm. I had seen her climax many times before but this really was something else!

The 3 of us then repositioned ourselves. As Sarah lay on the bed to recover I moved over to kiss her. As i kissed my girlfriend Helen grabbed my cock and began to suck me. There was nothing gentle about her now as she grabbed my shaft and roughly wanked me in her mouth. I was soon rock hard again and Helen wasted no time in climbing on top of me and pushing my firm cock inside her. It was her turn to fuck me now and she spent the next few minutes wildly girating and jump up and down on my cock as I tried my best to play with her delicious tits. Before long I was ready, and as Helen demanded " I want your dirty spunk inside me" I grabbed her waist and pulled her hips down on me as I came inside her soaking wet cunt. Helen certainly was an amazing fuck.