Written by Red_Lipstick

4 Sep 2011

"I've finished my duty - are you ready? Can you come over?"

I locked my computer and grabbed my folder, the one that said 'timetabling' in big black letters for anyone who happened to see me strolling over to the Maths block. I walked up the deserted stairs and into his room, and headed straight for his walk-in cupboard at the back of the room. After locking the main classroom door, he joined me and locked the cupboard door behind us. I was waiting for him, sitting on the ledge, putting my glasses and folder on a shelf on top of a pile of homework, swinging my feet in their high black heels.

He pulled me down, wrapped his arms around me, smiled at me and kissed me. I adored kissing him, tasting his breaktime coffee, running my hands through his hair. As we made out, he undid my shirt and pulled my black bra down so my breasts showed over the top, rubbing me with his big hands. He stopped kissing me and bent down to suck my nipples, running his hands up my tights at the same time. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his fly, my knees getting dusty on the floor. I manouevered his huge cock through his boxer shorts and started to suck him, tasting him and caressing him with my tongue and lips. He was so big that even with as much as possible in my mouth, I still had to use both hands to cover the whole of his prick. He loved to watch me going down on him, running his hands through my hair and muttering my name.

When he could stand it no longer, he pulled me up standing again and kissed me passionately. Turning me around he bent me slightly over the deep ledge, pushed up my skirt and pulled my tights down around my knees so that he could feel my bottom. By this time I was aching for him to touch me. He pulled down my knickers and started to stroke me, feeling how soaking wet I was already. He moved slightly behind me to rest his prick in the crack of my arse, rubbing it up and down against me while he reached around to play with my nipples. I was getting wetter and wetter by the second, dying to feel his wonderful cock filling me up, stretching me and rubbing me like hot velvet. He started to finger me, gently at first, then with two fingers more vigorously, pushing in and out of me and driving me mad - all the time his prick rubbing against my arse. Finally I couldn't take it any more bent over further, inviting him to take me with a pleading look over my shoulder. He slipped his cock into me with an 'oh' of delight, and I moaned quietly as he stroked in and out, so long and thick, filling me right up almost to the point of pain. He reached around to hold my breasts, and pulled me up so I was standing completely upright in front of him as he fucked me, stroking my nipples, and turning my head to him so he could kiss me.

He slid out of me and replaced his cock with his fingers once again, ensuring I was sopping wet. His prick was running with my juices, and I felt it rubbing up and down the crack of my arse again, 'accidentally' brushing over my hole. When I didn't object, he stopped rubbing, spread some more of my juices on his prick, and laid the tip at the entrance to my backside. Holding my hips, he gently started nudging in, with me breathing deeply to try and relax. Sensing I was tense, he started to finger me again with one hand, getting me so unbelievably excited he managed to nudge a little further in. After a couple of minutes though it was obvious to me that he was far to big to get very much in, as it was starting to hurt a lot. I stopped him, and he pulled gently out.

I turned around to face him so that we could kiss some more, rubbing my breasts across the front of his suit. I spread my legs and hopped back up so that I was sitting on the edge of the ledge, at the perfect height for his prick. I pulled him to me, and guided his cock into my soaking slippery pussy again. As he fucked me, I laid back against the shelves and stuck my legs out, where I braced them against the opposite wall. This position was amazing, his huge cock rubbing all the right spots inside me, allowing him to rub my breasts and tweak my nipples, and also for us to snog passionately while we screwed. I could feel my orgasm building and it was becoming a serious effort to stay silent so that nobody would hear us, when I wanted to shout my excitement out loud. I could feel him getting close too, and he looked into my eyes at the critical moment, moaning softly as he filled me up, holding my back as I spasmed around him.

Spent and sweaty, I grabbed the pack of tissues from my timetabling folder so that we could wipe up. I brushed my hair and powdered my nose, and made sure he wiped my juices from the front of his trousers. Having rearranged my clothes, brushed the dust from my tights, and kissed him thank you, he unlocked the doors and I strolled back to my office, folder under my arm and a big smile on my face.