Written by sleepless2003

16 May 2010

Ive been with my partner Sal for 13 years our sex life is good,mainly confined to weekends though due to work and chores.

My usual fantasy is to see Sal getting a good shafting and for me to get sloppy seconds,we talk about this during sexersize with Sal getting quite vocal especially just before her orgasm she usually calls me a naughty boy and says things like you would love to fuck my cum filled pussy, her pupils are like saucers,one of her fantasies is to be spit roasted,the only problem is that I am quite shy.

I said previously that I would like to see her get a good seeing too this is not entirely true what is the big turn on for me would be to know this was going to happen say if she went on a date even if Sal arrived back the next day I know my stomach would be doing somersaults.

Sal went out with her sister for a drink when we went to visit her parents in the west country,her mother looked a bit anxious at me during the night thinking maybe I would be cross it had the opposite effect,I turned in at around 11.30pm and was woken by Sal putting my hand on her breast I off course made a B line for her pussy but was disappointed.

Sal is the sort of girl who says what will be will be it shouldn't be planned,a few months ago I was teasing her about a job that might have come off working abroad one month on one off, I said would you be able to go without sex for a month,she said no,and would even send me some pictures to wank over while I was away this gave me an instant twitch.

When we first met I used to work away sometimes for a week or two,Sal would tell me how even men she wouldn't look twice at became tempting(another turn on for me).I got home one night and Sal was dressed up to go out she was a bit pissed off, I ended up pulling her knickers down and giving her a good seeing too bent over the end of the sofa.(how romantic)

I usually talk to Sal about things we've got up to in the past like our first date when she squirted all over me during her orgasm and then kept me awake all night by sucking me back to life,Sals oral skills are brilliant as Ive told her countless times.

I know she has a close male Friend as I have read Sals txts sometimes(bad Lad I know)but I get a kick out of this it must be the anticipation thinking of her meeting up and being fucked and coming home with soggy knickers.He would be keen to move onto the next stage I think, she went out for a dinner time meal with him at Christmas she told me of course pinching my bum as she left .I did mention his name afew years ago when she asked me if I had anyone in mind but she seemed offended,Sal probably would but I think she thinks it be cruel to lead him along which is fare enough.

Thats about it I will keep you posted and will probably let Sal read this eek.