Written by just bob

30 Nov 2007

Two years ago my bride moved out and I got the house and dog. Chatting with Lynda, the MILF across the street, I told her if she were available I would be at her doorstep. Last supring Lynda\'s divorce became final. She got her two kids and the house with the swimming pool. When it came time to open the pool Lynda came over to ask for help with the filtration system. She wass wearing a yellow bikini top and a pair of cut off shorts. She is a MILF tall and slender: perky A-cups, a fantastic ass and long lovely legs. Before she came over I was on the internet looking at porn. She must have noticed the bulge in my shorts but said nothing at the time and asked for help with pool. We over to hers and I got filter purged and running. Lynda brought out two beers and asked if I wanted anything else. The reply was for her to remover her \"painted on shorts\" so I could see her in just the bikini. Damn, a Wicked Weasel, I could feel the bulge growing again. It was very appearant she saw my my growing erection and invited me inside for another beer. Once inside she brought me a beer and again asked is there anything else I wanted. A kiss perhaps? Our lips met and I took hold of her firm ass and pulled her tight. She could feel my cock now presssing against her crotch. Not but a minute later she dropped to her knees to unzipp my shorts and released my cock. Cupping my balls with one hand and holding the shaft with the other she soon took me into her mouth. It became difficult to stand the sensation of her tongue swirling around my cock while in her mouth was too much. I had to join her on the floor. Getting under her and slipped my fingers past the bikini bottom and into her wet pussy. Spreading her lips open and licked the jusices off her clit along with a view of her ass. Soon I removed the weasel and proceed to lick her anus. I never done that before but there is a first time for everything. Lynda said don\'t get any ideas of putting that thick cock of yours up my ass! Bummer a fine ass sha has too. Lynda to me to ly on my back for she now wanted to fuck. Slowly she lower herself on my hardon. Removing her top I sucked on her tits as she continued to ride me bareback. We got a good rythem going and soon she was comming. Her Orgasism trigger mine as she was telling to fill her with cum.