Written by Slutty Wife

26 Apr 2007

My husband for a few years had been on at me to get in touch with an ex and shag him,then come back and tell him all the dirty details, I felt really let down as I thought that he cant have loved me to ask such a thing! Anyway time passed and I went out with my mates I noticed that sum guy was giving me the eye, being a little bit tipsy I flirted madly back!

As the night went on it got very sexual and he suggested going back to his place, I agreed as I thought could be a chance to let my hubby experience his fantasy, plus I felt really horny asafter being with one man for 11 years, the thought of fucking a new guy made my pussy so wet. I phoned up my hubby told him I had pulled and that I would not be back till late, again I felt let down as he just got so turned on and told me to cum home when I was well and truelly fucked, not having ago at me and demanding me home!

I went back, and it was so good, I was like a sex starved slut,I sucked him off like i didnt know I could, I rode and rode him, we was literally fucking all night, I had his cum all up me over me, even in my hair!

We fell asleep,I woke at 10 had a quikie, left went round corner and got hubby 2 pick me up, he was so horny when I got in car he had a hard on.

We got home and he was all over me, I was shocked how he licked me out, seeing all the cum up me. He was so excited, and just could not control himself, we fucked 3 times, then I fell asleep as I had been a really dirty slut and could not take anymore!

Its worked out well, as I now have a husband and a boyfriend who i see at least twice a week, its a hard life.........