Written by djay

21 Dec 2011

Mike had just brought me out of the gay sauna with my arse and mouth well and truly filled with hard cock and loads of spunk.

We had showered but I was still full of spunk and could feel oit trickling out of my well fucked and fisted ring. I still had a raging hard as had not shot my load and the viagra Mike had made me take was still having its full effect.

He told me we were now going to the local daylight dogging area where he would make sure my balls were unloaded.

When we arrived there were two cars parked, we walked into the woods searching. Eventualyy we came across a couple cokpletely naked with the guy riding this huge woman and I do mean huge.

He was going into her doggie style with her on her knees, her massive tits were bouncing side to side and she was moaning. The guy saw us and beckoned us to join him. Mike ordered me to strip off and go over and lick his arse as he fucked her.

My tongue was soon doing its work and he gave an almighty shudder as he shot up her cunt, he was fucking her bareback and the spunk began to pour out of her cunt.

Lick her out Mike ordered, so my tongue went to her sopping hole.

The guy said why dont you get thst big prick into her and give her another load of spunk.

DO IT said Mike, so I pushed my meat into her sopping wet hole and began to fuck her.

She said she wanted to get on top of me and ride me so I lay down and she got over me, she was huge with a very hairy minge of cery long thick black hair and long labia lips which soon swallowed my cock as she rode me, she then told me she wanted me on top so she could hold me in with her huge fat legs.

I began to ride her and felt a wet tongue at me arse, the guy had got hard again and as his woman started to come she tightened her grip round me with her fat thighs and screamed out "fuck his arse now and come up him"

I couldnt hold back any longer and shot my huge load into her hot cunt as he fucked my arse and come up me.