Written by Bren

16 Dec 2012

I have been seeing Lucy for some time on and off, it is just a casual relationship that suits the two of us, we both have other partners but ever since she pounced on me in the kitchen some years ago we have had this "thing" between us. We don't always end up having sex it can be just a coffee of a drink a quick snog and go, or it can be a mind blowing all out fuck.

I popped round to see her the other night as the wife was away, Lucy's fellas car wasnt on the drive so i knocked the door, after a chat and some toungue tonsil tasting, Lucy said that she couldnt as either her daughter or her fella may come back, I told her that i'd always fantasisied about knocking on her door one day and her answering dressed in stockings and suspenders, high heels and other nice lingerie, she would drag me in and take complete charge. I was horny as hell and apart from a quick suck Lucy wasnt going to go any further that night, "throw a sickie tomorrow afternoon" she said "you will not be disapointed.

Throwing a sickie is against my nature i havent had a days sickness in years and didnt want to mess that up however the following day i was aboe to rearrange some meetings and found myself knocking on Lucy's door at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, i didnt know what i was letting myself in for, she answered the door dressed in a black lacy basque, with matching stockings, long net gloves her hair done and make up perfect, it was instant hard on time. Lucy stood back and let me in, no sooner was the door shut behind me all i heard was "strip off your fucking suit and get yourself naked right now" i started to speak no sooner did a word leave my mouth Lucy spanked me with a horsewhip, i hadnt seen that "shut your mouth and do as your told or you'll get worse than that" she said.

I was naked in no time, my erect cock was solid " not good enough" she said your not completely smooth, she held my cock and took me to the sick where she shaved me totally smooth, she led me by the cock to the bedroom and quickly had me tied to the bed, i was horny as hell, Lucy stood and looked at me she dragged the horsewhip down my nose over my chin slowly down my chest and held it under my cock, this was amazing, Lucy kissed me all over she kept teasing, touching licking and lightly smacking me, i was begging to be fucked, "oh no" she said if you try to fuck me now you'll be far too excited and i wont get any pleasure" at that lucy pulled her small bead vibrator out of her drawer and the next thing i felt was a wetness at my arse Lucy had pre-lubed this small vibrator and it was soon massaging my prostrate, i erupted with cum everywhere, i couldnt hold back at all. Lucy left and came back with a bowl and some warm towels, she cleaned me and it was done thouroughly but gently by the time she had finished i was still lying there tied to the bed but my erection had returned, this time Lucy pulled her knickerds to one side and slowly sat herself onto me, she sat still like that enjoying the feeling of my cock in side her, she slowly started to rock back and forth, using my cock to massage her clit, i was her sex toy, i could do nothing but lie back and enjoy the sensations, Lucy's motion was getting more and more ferocious she was bringing herself to an orgasm that she screamed out as she had enjoyed it so much, it was nothing to do with me she had just used my cock as her toy, she climbed off and left me there still wanting more. it wasnt until half an hour or so later that Lucy returned to the bedroom, she was totally naked by this time and she released me from my ties, we cuddled on the bed together until we had sex once again (3 times for me in such a short period of time is unheard of) but it had been one of the horniest afternoons of my life. Next timeit's her turn to dream up a scenario and me to see how far i can take it.