Written by Hubby

5 Jan 2012

My wife sue is a very attractive women, and I am happily married, our sex life is fine but I have always held a secret desire to watch her get a real good fuckin, by another guy with a bigger cock than mine, we often talk and fanatasise about this subject whilst we are fucking each other,and I know it turns her on the thought of another man sliding his big thick cock up her went cunt.

I especially like it when we are having sex ,and I am lay down on the bed she will sit on my thigh and wank me slowly while she tells me that she wants a big fat cock up her and that my dick is not satisfying her, she will then go into details of how she would like to fucked by some guy I have introduced her to and then we just let our imaginations go wild until we both come.

We went out for dinner a few weeks ago, and I was feeling quite horny,and hoping to fuck her when I got her home , so I bought up the subject of wanting to watch her fuck another man, she was receptive to talking about the subject, and conceded that she would like to try it perhaps if I was totally sure that I could handle the fact that another guy would be fucking her. I assured her that I could handle it but she disagreed and said that there is know way I could handle watching another man empty his load into her. I persisted and then said well would you consider going out for dinner with another man, whilst I stayed at home, she paused and said if , she fancied the man she probably would , as soon as she told me that I was hard as rock , I took her home and fucked the arse off her on the stairs in our house, then I begged her to give me a slow wank and tell me what she would do with the lucky guy who got to take her out we had a great night.

A month passed then I finally got the balls to ask a guy who I had recently got to know , by frequenting a pub a friend of mine had took over,if he had ever fucked a married women, his answer was a emphatic yes, many times because he attended a swingers club as a single man, and had fucked several married women with there husbands consent and some without their consent

I could not believe my luck , he was a nice guy business owner, Very presentable and I new sue would like him, after a few drinks I told him that I would like to know if he would be interested in taking my wife out for dinner and see what transpires, he agreed that he would like to but could we thee of us meet in the pub one night perhaps, I said fine ,we a ranged to meet up in two days in the pub ,

I got home and just told sue that there was a tribute band on in the pub on Thursday. And did she fancy going, sue said ok .

That night I encouraged sue to put something nice on, she looked really sexy high heels ,lovely top that complimented her tits, we had been in about a hour when Tony came in, he came straight over to me then I introduced him to sue, he is a very tactile guy and kissed sue and hugged her, patting her bottom as he did so, I could tell that sue liked the look of him, we spent the night drinking, and he paid sue a lot of attention, by the end of the night it was clear to sue that I had set this up, she is no idiot , when Tony went to the toilet sue told me that Tony had already asked her to meet up with him on Saturday and that she had accepted his offer and she was seeing him Saturday night , my heart was thumping and the adrenalin was surging round my body my cock was rock hard, later that evening we said our good ya to Tony, went home and we fucked like rabbitts for and hour.

Saturday morning I woke up with a massive hard on but sue would not let me fuck her, she asked if I was sure about her meting Tony that night, I said of course iwas, I was in a state of ecstasy all day , about six o clock Tony text me saying that he was looking forward to seeing sue, and that he was looking forward to spending time with her and that I had a very attractive sexy wife,

Sue went for it , stockings suspenders, black Nickerson high heels she looked fucking great, she came down stairs looking stunning I poured a glass of wine, she kissed me on the lips , I tried to kiss her again, but she said no , she wanted her lipstick to lol nice for Tony, Tony turned up at seven, sue walked out of our house into his car looked back at me smiled and then I starred to panic, what the fuck had I done, all night I was panicking then wan king off thinking about what she could be upto, about nine o clock sue phoned to say she was alright and that she was having a great time with Tony, but he had booked a hotel room and she would be staying with him, that night she put the phone down and I shot my load over her Nickers that I had been sniffing while wan king my self. About twelve thirty I got a phone call sue had put the phone down on the pillow while Tony was fucking her, I could hear the obvious sounds of my wife begging for more dick ,begging to fucked harder calling his name whilst he did her doggy style, sue then picked up the phone and told me he was doin her doggy style and that his cock really stretched her I then I moan as she climaxed and Tony emptied his load into my wife's lovely cunt.

Ten minute later Tony rang me whilst I was in the middle of a wank, thanking for introducing him to my wife, and that she was great company, and a terrific fuck, I reluctantly said it's ok but had a massive pang of regret but still could not stop myself from being massively turned on.

Sue returned home Sunday morning, it was a strange feeling I was making coffee for sue and the man who had been fucking my wife the night before, we started to talk about what had happened and before long we were all as horny as fuck, sue took the initiative and told me and Tony to go up stairs, sue followed came into the bedroom, told us both to drop our pants, she had her Nickers on and no bra, told us both to lie down and proceeded to wank us both off, when we were both hard, sue brought to my attention, the size of Tonys cock compared to mine, and explained that she would be seeing Tony regularly she then let go of Tonys cock, tossed me off whilst at the same time making me beg her to fuck Tony and apologise for having a smaller cock than him, I came in her hand, she wiped it on her thigh then ordered me to lick it off her then she got on all fours and ordered me to stand up and wank whilt Tony fucked her doggy style it was one of the most erotic things I have ever en countered since then I have become sue,s taxi to take her to her lover and I have cooked meals for them , sometimes sue wanks me off after Tony has fucked her, or she will give me all the details over the phone while I listen to her being fucked the crueler she is the more I like it I adore my wife