Written by Davejulie

30 Jul 2009

Last year me (Dave) and Julie (gf) we like to have a bit of fun with guy/s couples, am str8? but on this holiday we met 3 guys from London 2 black and 1 white. It was an all inclusive hotel so drinks where flowing from mid morning till late, The older of the guys (Mike) was black and was 52 years old but he only looked 38-40 at the most. He seemed to stay back in the hotel throuh the day while his other 2 mates went out to the beachers.

On our 3rd day it was about 2pm afternoon me and julie had been drinkin for about 3 hours and the Mike the black guy was in our company as the other guys had gone out, julie was getting a bit suggestive about sex infront of him and ask is is true how big a black guys cock is before he could reply she slip her hand under the table and by her face i could tell it was semi as she just looked at me and bit her bottom lip and giggled which she replied fuck its big and not even fully erected.

After about another 2-3 drinks Julie suggested that she want to have a sleep before we come down for tea, as we got up she ask Mike he could join us in our room he laught as thou we where messing his room was next to our room. As we left he was still sat there by the time we got to our stairs leading up to our landing i looked around and seen Mike following as we got into our room i could hear Mike going into to his room.

As Julie laid on the bed and stripped of naked i start to eat her out as she was gagging for it we left our patio doors open so Mike could hear what he was missing, after about 5min i could hear Mike climbing over the the wall that separated our rooms, Julie never noticed that he was standind outside looking in as she opened her eyes she got a shock as she was spread eageled on the bed with my head buried in her wet pussy, she quickly covered up and said i didn't hear you come in.

He said sorry and about to turn aroud when she said while your here with tha she opend her legs and Mike could see her nice tight neat pussy he got on the bed and started kissing her and rubbing her pussy and Julie was wanking his cock and mine to, he then entered her pussy with his big cock so i offered my cock to her mouth and she suck me so good i nearly came. Mike then turned her over and rode her doggy style by this time she wanted me in her mouth again them Mike laid on his back and Julie lowered her self on his cock i could see her slide slowly down his shaft it was so erotic, i then went around the back of her and enter her arse so we were both fucking her she was in heaven we both took turns and fucking her.

After we finished we all cleaded up and told him not to mention any thing to his pals and if he never we could have a repeat session, which we did 2 more but i could tell he told his pals as they we different the rest of the week (in a nice way) maybe we should of invited them to join us??

This is a very true story x