Written by viracocha

21 Apr 2009

1st of a few stories of sexual encounters that stand out in my memory for various reasons.

At the time I was 19 and working in a printing press. All the machine operators were men and all the packers women, very sexist I know, but that’s how it was back then.

The machine I ran had 2 women one end and 2 the other, and every 20 minutes or so I had to change the pallets over. Christine had been working with me for a few months and I made no secret that I thought she was gorgeous. About 25, slim, lovely pert bottom and striking deep blue eyes. I would always flirt with her and she the same, but neither of us ever took it further.

One night, I was finishing a late shift and was cleaning up the machine. All the other workers had gone and I was pretty much alone, or so I thought. Christine sauntered up to me and started some chitchat about this and that. Out of the blue, she said

“Do you know spunk removes nail varnish”

For a moment I was a bit shocked, she had never used language like that before and I flushed red. I also found it extremely erotic.

“How do you know that Christine? I asked. Coolly she looked me straight in the eye.

“When I wank a man and he comes all over my hands, the spunk makes my nail varnish run”.

“Do you do that often?” I asked.

“Only when the mood takes me”.

“Are you in the mood now?” I asked again.

Christine said nothing, instead she grabbed my wrist and led me over to a doorway that led to a stair well to another floor. No one ever used it and my heart started pounding at the promise of what might come.

Once through the doors Christine pushed me roughly back against the wall and moved in close to me. We started kissing immediately and my hands made a grab for her lovely arse. Her lips tasted lovely and I have to say I was massively turned on by this turn of events. She had run her hands down my chest and started rubbing my throbbing cock. Boy was it throbbing, I though I was going to explode with pleasure before anything had happened! She moved back a little and undid my belt and trousers and pushed them to the ground, she then pulled my pants down a little and sprang my throbbing cock and balls into both her hands. One hand pulling down on my foreskin, while the other massaged my balls.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“Fantastic” I moaned.

“Tell me when you are about to come” Christine said.

“Uh-huh” was all I could manage.

She was stroking my cock up and down really gently, her fingers just touching my cock. Whilst her other hand was tickling and cupping my balls. She had bent down by now and her mouth and lips were hovering by the end of my cock. I thought she was going to suck it down any minute….

But she didn’t. Instead she continued to work away with her hands, slowly pulling back from the tip all the way down the shaft. It didn’t take long for me to get near the edge of cumming, my legs were already starting to tremble.

“This feels bloody great Christine, but I’m not going to last long”.

At this she got up and released my cock and looked at me, then started kissing me again, and then kissing and licking at my neck. I was thinking, that was it, lovely hand job, but nothing else. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a mini tube of hand cream and poured some into her hands and rubbed them loosely together. Bent down on her knees again and took my cock in both hands, running one hand down after the other. The hand cream lubed my cock a treat and her hands just slid down.

“Oh my god Christine, you can do that to me forever”.

“You like” she asked in an innocent sort of way.

“It feels fantastic” I replied.

She looked into my eyes and quickened her pace. I lasted about another minute and felt my knees go weak.

“Oh, yes baby” I said, “yes baby” and I shot my first load about 4 feet across the stairwell. The second & third load spurted out, just missing Christine’s head and then I started to pump out the last of my cum all over her hands and fingers, groaning as I did so. All the while Christine was looking straight at me, with a sort of innocent smile of surprise. She looked so sexy in that moment. She quickly stood up and showed me her cum covered fingers.

“Look, at all your lovely spunk” she said and then started to lick her fingers clean, she then stuck one of her hands towards my mouth.

“Lick” she said.

I did, although I can’t say I enjoy the taste of my own cum that much, the overall exoticness of the situation was out of this world. She put her fingers back in her own mouth and licked them clean.

“Bloody hell Christine, that was amazing, can I return the favour to you?”

“Not this time” she replied, with that she turned and disappeared through the doors. I was left standing there, trousers round my ankles, a throbbing semi-hard cock and a smile on my face as big as a Cheshire cat.

We repeated this fairly often, but never had full sex. She gave me a blowjob a few times and I fingered and licked her pussy. But I never ever forgot the first time with Christine and her magic hands.