Written by Carla

12 Oct 2008

Im Carla 46 from Belfast and ive been divorced for two years. With a daughter at university and a mortgage to keep going since hubby left, sometimes its hard to make ends meet. Things had become so bad that if I didnt pay the electric bill soon, id be cut off. I decided there was only one way out, so I paid a visit to a close neighbour Chrissie, who works as an escort. She had told me about her work in the local pub a few months ago, but I never even thought of considering it until now.

Chrissie opened the door and looked plesed to see me. We went inside and I sat down while she made some coffee. I told Chrissie that I had been thinking about doing some escort work and asked her for some advice. She looked bemused and said that she\\\'d help me if I really thought that I could handle it. She even offered to let some of her more trusted regulars have my mobile number so that they could make arrangements to meet me.

After we finished our coffee, Chrissie took me in her car to a park and share car park in rick which she uses as a meeting point. Then we drove to a nearby laneway behind some disused industrial buildings. No-one ever comes round here said Chrissie, so you get peace to fuck the guys without interuption. I was shocked by her bluntness, but this was the real world now, not some fantasy. Chrissie arranged for a friend of hers called Barry to drive for me, as I dint have a car. she told me that he usualy asked for a blowjob as payment. It saves you handing over £40.00 she laughed.

On Wednesday I got a call from a guy calling himself Richie. He used Chrissie a lot fir carfun and had got a text from her. I arranged to meet him at 8pm that evening. Later on I got another call from Jim and arranged for carfun at 9pm. Barry called for me at 7.45 pm and we set off. Barry seemed to know Richie\\\'s car and we stopped beside it. Go on then Barry said.

I got out and opened Richies door and got in, He drove off right away towards the laneway. As he drove, I unzipped him and rubbed his cock He was hard from the start and asked me to suck him. I went down and drew his cock into my throat, I could feel him squirm and have to admit that I felt good about it. Id sucked a lot of cock in my married years, Hubby had a thing about watching me do it and id done most of his friends at one time or another. We arrived at the laneway and Richie parked and said, In the back, We moved to the back seat and Richie dropped his jeans, I rolled on a condom and he knelt down I hitched one leg up on the car seat and lifted my skirt, pulled my thong to one side and he pushed his cock inside me.

Richie started fucking me, slowly at first and then faster and faster, He lasted for ages and then suddenly, he tensed and I felt his hot cum fill the condom. He withdrew and I looked at him but got no response. Just then, Barrys car drove round the corner. He flashed the lights and I got out. Richie called me back and said, Youve forgotten this and handed me my £50.00 fee before driving off.

Barry said we\\\'ll wait here for Jim he knows the meeting spot. You can suck me off now he said. I said fine and went for it. Barrys cock was nice a good 7 incher and thick. I gave it all I could and had him really hard and throbbing, Barry was moaning and I loved it, I went faster and licked and sucked him like the whore I now was. He erupted in a hot jet and I closed my lips firmly and teased his cum hole. Jesusssssssss That was fuckin great Carla, he said. I opened the car window and spat. Barry chuckled

Soon afterwards Jim arrived and I joined him in his car. This time we sat in the front and Jim felt my boobs as I struggled to suck him. After a while he lay back and made it easier for me. His cock was about 6 inches and thickish, Jim was mid 30\\\'s and athletic. I wondered why he had to pay for sex, but didnt dare ask. I just did my bit and susked and licked his cock. Dont you want a fuck ? I asked him. No Suck it he replied. Jim came in spasms and again I caught it all. He sat up and said, Let me see it in your mouth. I opened as wide as I could and some cum ran down my cheek. I caught it with my finger and licked it clean. Fuckin great, he said. I spat his cum out and he paid me and I rejoined Barry in his car. We drove home and Barry asked me how I felt about my first nights work. Strangely enough, I felt fine and I was £100.00 richer and that was the purpose of the exercise. I\\\'m waiting on my next appointment now. Any offers ??????