Written by Db

22 Aug 2017

It was a chilly Saturday night in edinburgh in November and Dan and I were stood queuing to get in to our favourite nightclub. Behind us in the queue were a sexy couple in their late 20s. We got chatting despite the husbands reluctance. A short time later we understood why. They explained this was the first time they'd been out in a long time and asked what the club was like. It's a pretty cool place we replied with a decent crowd of serious clubbers who come for the music. Bella the wife was quite flirty and looked super hot in torqoise hot pants and a top that showed off her gorgeous cleavage. We grabbed some drinks and started to dance. It wasn't long before Bella was grinding her hot ass against my now rapidly swelling cock. I pressed hard against her my hands running over her nipples. Her hand's were behind her back stroking the full length of my cock through my trousers. We were so tuned on! Her husband sat watching not looking too impressed but we were lost in the moment. My hand slid down inside her lace underwear to feel her hot clit and soaking wet pussy .The club was busy and nobody seemed to notice i was finger fucking this super hot wife right there on the dance floor. I was pretty rough with her my four fingers stretching her. She moaned in my ear as her body shook

.... We went back to bar for more drinks and her husband told her they were leaving. Before they did she gave me her address and asked me to go round on Monday.... whispering in my ear how she wanted to taste my cum and to feel my cock inside her tight ass.....