Written by forum meeting 1974

9 Mar 2014

Some of the older swingers may remember a magazine called FORUM, which was pretty much the heaven of yester years.

I had put an advert in and the replies used to go to the magazine who then forwarded them to the advertiser.

My ad' resulted in a package with 16 replies, some of which were very racy, some very polite and to the point, one in fact said "if my husband answers don't ring off".

Having read them all, some I passed on to workmates I decided that one from a lady in Manchester sounded very interesting to say the least as she wanted me to visit and stay the weekend

The picture enclosed said it all, tall slim nice rounded boobs and red hair and very smartly dressed.

I phoned the number she gave and was told as I would be travelling there by train that she would meet me at Victoria station at the time we agreed.

I walked out of the station fully expecting no one to be there but sure enough there was the car she described and she was standing beside it waiting.

We met, funnily enough shook hands, cheek kissing didn't happen in those days, then we got in the car.

She then passed me a pair of very dark sun glasses in fact so dark I couldn't see anything

telling me she never wanted her "guests" to know where she lived as in the past one or two had pestered her for repeat visits which she decided whether they did or not.

We arrived at the house she drove straight into the garage and shut the doors before letting me out and removing the glasses.

We went into the house and she told me to sit down, various bottles were on the table but I decided to have a coffee instead.

She made this and when she returned with it she was stark naked.

Her body was perfect and even as far back as then she was shaved.

She insisted that before I drank my coffee that I strip also, which I did in record time then we sat comfortably together on the settee chatting about normal things.

I was almost erect by now, a naked lady beside me and a promise of more to come.

She then told me condoms were out, she wasn't on the pill as in those days it was in its infancy anyway and almost bloody useless,her words.

She then stood up and took my hand, we went upstairs together to the most luxurious bedroom I had ever seen.

Immediately she lay on the bed,spread her legs wide and said "Fuck me and fuck me hard"

Within seconds I was deep inside her thrusting madly as I knew I was near to cumming with all the dirty thoughts and vies of her body thinking what it would be like to take her

Each thrust from me was met with another from her meeting me and causing deep deep penetration.

Within 10 or 15 strokes I was there at the same time as she writhed madly under me in the throes of a climax.

I jetted my cum into her as she writhed and then when we both stopped I lay, still deep inside her as I slowly slackened off.

After a few minutes she eased me off and stood wide legged by the bed, my cum was seeping down her legs.

She took some on her fingers and rubbed it on her nipples then offered the fingers to me for me to suck clean.

We then returned downstairs, both still naked where she again offered me another drink.

As it was now dark outside she drew the curtains but left the lights off.

Now in almost complete darkness she knelt in front of me as I sipped my drink and took my prick in her mouth sucking it right in then just letting it stay there slightly throbbing and slowly hardening.

There more and more to come if you are patient