Written by Forum guy

13 Mar 2014

She knelt with my prick in her mouth not sucking just holding it as it throbbed and stiffened again.

I slowly became fully erect at which point she began to scratch between my balls and leg sending shivers all over my body bringing me quickly to wanting release.

I pushed her off and gently eased her to the floor then spreading her legs wide lay down and began to lick and suck at her wet slit.

Her legs came round my back holding me fast and her hands came behind my head pushing me deep and harder into her.I sucked hard sucking her labia and tickling her clitoris hard with my tongue in turn bringing her to climax after climax until eventually she released her grip on me and I sat back.

Those words again "Fuck me and Fuck me hard"

I wriggled up and quickly pushed into her wide wet cunt full length and fucked hard and fast.

She immediately climaxed again and as she did I shot my cum deep into her as I reached my peak again.

Sated we lay until we gathered our breath then she stood, took my hand, helped me up and hand in hand we went upstairs, her still dripping cum, me prick and face covered in her juices ,she took me to her room got into bed motioned me to join her, wrapped her arms around me and withing minutes she was fast asleep.

We slept the sleep of the dead until I awoke about 6 a.m to find the bed empty beside me and the sound of the shower nearby.

I got up went to the shower found her there covered in suds washing herself.

She saw me and beckoned me in.

We showered for a good half hour fondling kissing, me probing her , she wanking and fondling me but holding back from finishing each other saving, as she said for later.

Finishing we went down stairs to find breakfast prepared and set out, so together both still naked we ate our fill, by now it was 8 a.m. and she drew he curtains back letting in the morning sunshine.

After finishing eating she went an sat on the settee, spread her legs wide and this time it was "lick me again"

I knelt in front of her and did the deed as asked.

She kept me there for at least 10 minutes before releasing my head from her grip after at least 4 climaxes.

Then told me to stand in front of her when she took my prick in her mouth and sucked hard and fast scratching my groin fingering my ring until I grabbed her head pulled her tight onto my prick as I cum deep in her throat making her gag and forcing her to swallow before releasing her.

When she got her breath back she stood, put her arms around my neck, her lips met mine, she forced my mouth open and probed her spunk covered tongue into mine.

After a few seconds she stood back, told me to get dressed, as we were going shopping.

That done, the same procedure, dark glasses, into the garage, into the car and when we were well away from the house she told me I could take them off.

We drove into the center of Salford and to one of the classiest stores in town.

What did she buy?

I'll tell you later.