Written by strapped4cash

5 Feb 2017

She lifted herself up onto the edge of the table and leant back until she was lying on the table propping herself up on her elbows so she could watch me prepare her. I raised her legs up and apart, stretching her tights and knickers between her knees, exposing her fanny to me. It was a glorious sight - the folds of her outer and inner labia were glistening with moisture and I watched a trickle of clear juice form at the lower junction of her lips and then run down towards the cringle of her arsehole. Although I occasionally caught a glimpse of her fanny when she was going to shower, or putting on her underwear, it was several years since I’d had her in this position. She was much hairier than I remembered and soaking wet too. The stench of her arousal was quite overpowering, a musky perfume designed to fuel my ardour and my cock was now painfully hard as a result. I could have buried it within her there and then, but I knew that if I took my time and made her come first then I would probably get to ride her with her full consent.

I knelt on the carpet before her and placed my hands on the underside of her bare thighs, pushing them back against her chest and raising her mound to me. I started by licking around the edges of her labia before probing my tongue in between her lips, wiggling it from side to side, which brought some little yelps in response. My wife has always been a very vocal lover and can use some quite filthy language when aroused. I changed tactics and attacked her clit with my tongue, lashing it back and forth across her clit while slowly pushing two fingers right up her cunt as far as I could. She screamed out at first but was soon egging me on for the first time in years and after only a minute or so she was squirting her cream over my knuckles as she came loudly.

“Don’t stop Allan. That’s so fucking good! Don’t you dare stop!”

I bunched all four fingers together and thrust them quite forcibly in and out of her cunt, all the time lashing her clit with my tongue. I kept the pace up for two or three minutes until she placed her hands on the back of my head and ground my face into her sex.

“Keep going, keep going – I’m coming again. I’m coming! Oh my God!”

This time she bucked her hips up off the table and I pushed my fingers right up her cunt as she came. She was shaking quite violently as her orgasm ripped through her before going limp on me, as if she’d passed out. She was smiling now, that contented smile of the cat that’s got the cream. Now was a critical time and I had to play my cards right. I slipped off her shoes and rolled her tights and pants down her legs and off. I lifted her to her feet and hugged her close and while she purred away in post coital bliss I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. While still holding her close I unhooked her bra and then turned her towards the table facing away from me. I reached around her and slipped my hands up inside her cups and pulled on her erect nipples, making them stand out even further from her breasts. I dropped my right hand to cup her mound and fingered her clit, sending a shudder through her and eliciting a squeal.

“No Allan please don’t. It’s too sensitive!”

“Very well Elizabeth - bend forward and hold the table, legs apart. I think a good seeing too is in order, don’t you?”

“Oh Allan, it’s been so long. I don’t know if I can!”

“Well I certainly can!”

“No Allan – it will be too painful. It will, and my clitty, it’s so sensitive!”

“Painful will be your bottom if I’ve to phone Margaret and have her bring her tawse! Now bend over – now!”

I shoved her forward and spread her legs apart with my foot. Reaching down with both hands I separated her bum cheeks to allow my cock access but had to stand on tip toes for the head to reach her lips.

“Get your legs apart, this instant!” I roared

I stood to the side and gave her three heavy slaps on each cheek until she was properly positioned, legs widely spread to lower her fanny and open it up for me. I slipped my cock into her hole and then thrust it right up her lifting her on to her toes. I gripped her shoulders and began pumping away at her with my pubis slapping hard against her arse with each powerful thrust. She squealed out with each stroke but I pounded away regardless, happy to be balls deep in her after so many years. After a minute or so her hands left the table and she pushed back against me, one hand working her clit and the other reaching back through her legs and cupping my balls. The sly bitch knew how to bring me off, but I was wise to her and I slowed the pace down before eventually withdrawing from her. My cock was soaked with her juices but I knelt behind her and rimmed her arsehole while inserting my forefinger into her juicy cunt. Once I’d got it nice and wet I withdrew my finger and wiggled the tip into her arse. She stiffened immediately but I persevered until I had my whole finger right up her bottom.

“Stop it Allan! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Please stop Allan- it hurts!”

“Let me tell you what I’m doing - I’m getting you ready for my cock Elizabeth!”

“Like hell you are!”

She tried to twist herself round and off my finger but I pushed her back down on the table and pulled both her arms behind her and up her back, holding both her wrists in my left hand. I reinserted two fingers into her arsehole this time, and started to move them in and out. It wasn’t quite so tight as I’d expected, but I still expected it to be a struggle mounting her there, without her consent.

“Let me up you bastard! You’re not fucking me up the arse Allan. No way you’re doing that! No way!”

I removed my fingers and inserted my thumb instead. This allowed my finger to reach down to her clit and, with a finger on either side, I pumped her arsehole and stroked her clit simultaneously. After a minute or so I felt her press back on my fingers so I upped the pace on her clit which quickly brought a loud moan of desire from her.

“Just relax now and let yourself go – that’s it. Just relax. Easy now. Nice and easy, that’s it.”

By now I was frigging her clit furiously and her juices were running past my fingers, making a glorious slushing noise as I wanked her hard. She was moaning continually now and was obviously close to her climax.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop! I’m cumming - I’m cumming! Jesus Christ!”

She screamed out as she went over the edge.

“Oh my God! Oh my! Oh fuck, fuck fuck!”

It was now or never! I grabbed my cock and rubbed the head of it against her labia, coating it in her cream before lining it up against her arsehole, now slightly open because of my thumb. My cock was the biggest and stiffest I’d seen it and my balls were painfully tight. I guided it into her an inch or so with my hand and then grabbed her hips and thrust the entire length of it right up her. Her scream would have woken the dead, but I held it up her until she paused for breath. I withdrew a couple of inches then slapped it back in to the hilt. She tried reaching back to push me away but I grabbed her arms and pulled on them together, pumping my cock into her extremely tight arse.

I pumped her slowly at first but as powerfully as I could, deep thrusts, perhaps every three seconds or so, smacking my upper thighs and stomach against her arse and legs in doing so. Each thrust brought a loud shriek from her, but I gave her no mercy and upped the pace after a minute or. I could feel my balls slapping against her dripping sex and her juices were running off my scrotum as I fucked her. I knew I couldn’t hold out for long but I was determined to make her feel it. As I started to come I picked up the pace a bit and I really hammered her arse, pumping my spunk deep into her bottom. I was up on my tip toes as I squeezed every last drop into her and the table started to slide across the floor with the force I was exerting. I withdrew quickly and stepped to the side, reaching down to catch the spunk running from her arsehole. I spread it across her cheeks and then spanked her arse most firmly.

“There now Elizabeth, you’ll take that as a lesson I hope! When I say we’re going to have sex then that’s exactly what we’ll be having. If I witness the slightest hesitation or hear any dissent whatsoever then you’ll be going straight across my knee for a bloody good spanking on your bare bottom. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head and glanced back at me. Her mascara had run down her cheeks and she looked very glum indeed. Her arsehole was gaping widely and I could still see some spunk emerging from it and running down her cleft. I turned her round and hugged her close, allowing my hands to drop down onto her bottom. Her cheeks were noticeably warm, even to my hands which still smarted slightly from those final few spanks. I showered kisses around her neck and cheeks before passionately kissing her on her lips, forcing my tongue into her mouth and having her respond by biting it lightly before intertwining her own tongue around mine. We continued to kiss like teenagers for several minutes before I led her through to the bedroom and into the shower room. We kissed some more while we waited on the water to warm and then I joined her below the warm cascade, still kissing her and massaging her bum cheeks. She winced slightly when the tip of my finger played with her sphincter, but otherwise was all smiles, completely relaxed now and enjoying the attention.

I soaped her down and washed her thoroughly. Elizabeth returned the favour, paying particular attention to my cock and balls, pulling my foreskin back and soaping my arsehole too. By the time we had rinsed off and dried each other I was showing the promise of an erection again, which my wife soon noticed. She silently wanked it up to full attention before pulling back my hood and cupping my balls in her hand. As she stared into my eyes she squeezed them quite firmly before breaking into a smile.

“Well Allan, it looks like you’re ready for some more fun, but I think it’s my turn now”

She slowly led me by the cock through into the bedroom and stopped at the foot of the bed. She started to wank my cock again before pushing me face down onto the bed.

“Scoot up to the middle of the bed and then spread your arms and legs.”

This I promptly did, and I heard Elizabeth rummaging about in her dressing table drawers. She came back to the bed a dropped a pile of tan stockings and tights on the pillow in front of me.

“Right Allan, give me your hand. I’m going to tie you down to the bed, so I am”

We’d enjoyed a bit of tie and tease in the past, although not for many years, and I was quickly sporting a massive erection in anticipation of the fun to follow. In a few minutes my wife had used her hosiery to tightly cuff my wrists and ankles and then bound these using pairs of tights to the headboard and foot board of the bed so I was now stretched spread-eagled on the bed. My wife now knelt on the bed between my legs and had me raise my hips off the covers to allow her to pull two pillows under my stomach and hips, raising my lower body off the bed but leaving my cock and balls clear of the pillows. and covers. She now pulled my cock right back, pointing towards my feet, and slowly wanked it with one hand while she gently rubbed my balls with the other, sometimes moving her fingers up to play with my arsehole, which was fully exposed. After a few minutes of blissful treatment she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth, bending it up with one hand while pushing a finger of her other hand into my anus. I wasn’t going to last long, and I could feel my balls starting to tighten, a sure sign of imminent discharge. Just as I was about to spurt she let go of my cock and shoved her finger right up my arse before pulling it back out. I begged her to keep going but she just laughed at me.

“I told you – it’s my turn for a bit of fun so you’ll just have to wait.”

With that she left the bed and after a few moments later she was standing behind me.

“Lift your head up”

I quickly complied. She was holding the knickers she had been wearing earlier and I could see they were a black pair of her full spandex type knickers, designed to smooth out the inevitable bulges of the older lady. She placed these over my head and then pulled the waistband tight at the back of my neck and somehow managed to tie a knot in it. Her pants were a tight fit over my face but they were still slightly warm, and I could clearly smell her juices where the cotton lining at the crotch had been rubbing on her fanny. All this was a first for me and I’d never know my wife to be so dominant in all our years of marriage.

“You can just lie there for a while and calm down a bit. We wouldn’t want you getting over excited now, would we?”

I could see some light through the stretched fabric but there was no detail, and I couldn’t see where my wife was, although I could hear her in the room opening and closing drawers and cupboard doors. I could only guess what she was up to, but after a while things went quiet and after five minutes or so even the sounds from outside the room had ceased. All was quiet. All was dark.