Written by PETROS

26 Mar 2017


Marie wanted two cocks in her cunt and in her arse. Once back upstairs, I lay on the bed and Marie lowered herself onto my cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Leaning back onto me. This way allowed Neil to access her cunt. He rubbed his cock up and down her wet, creamy slit as Marie huskily breathed instructions. “I want both cocks inside me, fucking me senseless” she exclaimed, licking her lips. Gradually Neil’s cock squeezed in alongside mine. It felt strange, but Marie’s almost desperate pleading to be fucked overcame our inhibitions. Within a few minutes we were fucking her cunt with long, slow thrusts. We’d take turns to fuck her then allow the other to take up the rhythm. Then we’d both fuck her – in and out. Marie was in ecstasy, cuming almost constantly. Lots of little cums and squirts. We were both squeezing her tits and nipples hard and Marie was rubbing her clit as well. She built up to a massive orgasm and I told Neil to pull out quickly to watch as she squirted clean across the bed. He wanked himself to an orgasm and shot his load onto her face and in her mouth. I rolled from underneath and did the same. As we did this Marie fingered her cunt and had a deep throbbing orgasm. It looked as if she’d had an electric shock and she writhed in a glorious orgasm. We all lay back exhausted for the moment. “The absolute best fuck I’ve ever had” she told us, smiling contentedly. She drank some more wine and headed for the bathroom, where we could hear her showering. When she returned we stripped the bad, it was a good job we had a waterproof mattress protector. Marie played with our cocks, which were starting to recover. Thank you Viagra. “Now I want your two cocks to fuck me up the arse”, she demanded. My cock was ready and we both kissed and felt Marie all over until Neil’scock was ready. Marie got on top, facing me and holding my well-oiled cock, slipped it up her arse. Neil applied a bit of oil and rubbed his knob against her anus. I pulled out slightly and could feel his cock starting to enter Marie’s tight hole. It took a bit of time until we were both fully in her. Marie did most of the work. She arched her body and was squeezing our cocks with her cunt muscles and grinding with her hips. I was able to feel her tits and kiss them as we both fucked her. Neil was holding her hips and gently slapping her arse cheeks. “I’m a naughty, dirty cunt and deserve to be slapped hard for being so dirty”, she groaned. So Neil slapped her a bit harder. “Harder than that”, she demanded. Neil let rip and really slapped her. “Pinch my nipples hard, you bastard”, she growled at me. “Squeeze my tits hard and bite them”, she ordered. “Now, give me a total fucking, you pair of bastards.” We did as we were told and were treated to yet another big squirt. This made Neil cum and I could feel his hot spunk unloading into Marie’s arse. As he slid out, I speeded up and fucked her as hard as I could until I also shot my load inside her hot tight arse. Marie lay on her back and we watched our combined spunk seeping out of her arse. She fingered her cunt to yet another orgasm and scooped up our spunk to lick from her fingers. We ran a bath for her and carried her to it. She was unable to walk. It was as if she was drunk. She looked drunk, her eyes were glazed and her mouth was slack. Her tits were bruised and covered in bites. He buttocks were red raw as were her cunt and arse. I brought her some wine and we washed her gently in the bath. We dried her off and used baby nappy cream on her cunt and arse and bruise cream on her tits and buttocks. We carried her back to bed and she hugged us both. “Thank you, thank you”, she repeated over and over again. “That was wonderful and I want to do it again soon.” We were amazed and told her we’d be happy to oblige her. We left her asleep in the bed and dressed.

Downstairs we had a couple of beers and talked about what had happened. I asked Neil if he wanted to sleep in the spare room. An offer he gladly accepted. I went up to sleep and the next think I heard was Marie singing downstairs. I went down to find her preparing breakfast. She was very bright and chirpy. Neil came down shortly afterwards, looking a bit sheepish. “Thank you for an absolutely brilliant night, boys. Now eat your breakfast, because I want another fuck from both of you as soon as you’ve finished”. With that she dropped her dressing gown to the floor and walked naked to the stairs. Stopping there she turned, licking her lips saying, “I’d like something tasty in my mouth as soon as possible. Don’t be long.”