Written by PETROS

27 Mar 2017


Neil and I, shoveled our food down as we watched Marie’s cute arse disappear up the stairs. What did she have in store for us now? We’d spent the whole of Saturday fucking her, as we followed her instructions of how she wanted to be fucked. We were both rock-hard again, after taking another Viagra at breakfast. Once in the bedroom we stripped off and Marie knelt down and took out our cocks and licked and sucked us for a few minutes.

She made us lie on the bed and said it was her turn to fuck us. She knelt over me and my cock soon found its way into her cunt. “Don’t move, let me fuck you, but count every stroke until you get to 200. No touching my tits, just lie back and enjoy.” She fucked me slowly and deliberately, my cock was so deep inside her as she squeezed her cunt muscle around my throbbing cock. She was wanking Neil as she fucked me. I reached 200 and Marie swapped over to Neil’s cock. The same type of fuck. She was controlling us both as well as her own orgasm. At 200, she knelt over my face and face-fucked me for 100 thrusts of her hips. Then she did the same to Neil. It was so dirty and sensuous.

She swapped back to the kneeling position and my cock could feel her tight, hot but creamy cunt. This time she started slowly and built up speed. At 90, she was squirting slightly. At 100 she quickly jumped off my cock and onto Neil’s cock. Same thing slow at first then fucking faster and faster. This time she was squirting at around 80 strokes and fucked frenziedly to a huge squirt. We’d need a new mattress at this rate. Marie lay on the bed writhing in ecstasy. She hadn’t uttered a word since telling us to count. Again she face fucked us, but in reverse cowgirl, so she could watch us wank until we came. It didn’t take me long. Neil was almost as quick.

We all showered and I thought we were going to fuck Marie in the shower, but she had other ideas. Back in the bedroom, she lay on her back and invited Neil to fuck her. It was the conventional missionary, except for the fact that she was working very hard, wrapping her legs around him and fucking him very fast and hard. She soon had him going and told him she wanted him to come in her mouth. Neil was getting closer and closer to coming, as Marie told him what a good fuck he was, how hard his cock was and how she wanted his spunk in her mouth. She was calling him a dirty get and ought to be fucking every day. He reached the point of no return and Marie released him. Squeezing his cock hard, he just managed to get his cock into her mouth as he exploded his cum into her mouth. He spurted about 8 times and I could see the spunk coming out of the side of her mouth. She released his cock and opened her spunk filled mouth, then swallowed it down. Neil lay panting on the bed as I took my place between her legs. I didn’t last as long as Neil, having watched my gorgeous, naughty wife taking a mouthful of cum. Neil and I were spent. Even the Viagra couldn’t get us up again. It was past 2 in the afternoon and we’d been fucking since before 10. Marie was smiling non-stop. When Neil left later, she promised him that she’d invite him round again soon.

That night in bed although Marie was a bit sore, she lubed up and we had a romantic shag. Lots of kissing and gentle squeezing, licking and sucking. She had a little cum, telling me she’d just had a thought about Neil. She sucked her thumb and teased me saying “Would you mind if there was another man as well as Neil next time”. I shot my load almost immediately at the thought of my wonderful wife being fucked by three men. She didn’t have anyone in mind, but she wants to find someone herself. As we live in a university town, there must be some young studs out there.