10 Jul 2019

This one is quite interesting and happened over the weekend.

As I mentioned I'm from Newcastle, we are considered the party capital of England. Which is true we are and this brings in a lot of people from around the country for nights out.

I was out on Friday with some work mates, and we were in a bar on the quayside, it was about 11 and we knew the bar closed soon so some of them left and I stayed with 2 people. I bought a round and sat down. I forgot my change and went over to the bar to explain, a women next to me about my height said she saw the barman pocket the change in his back pocket. I thanked her, went to the next barman and explained. He took me aside and asked me to identify the guy with the manager. I did and got my money back and he got sent home. This is the build up

As the bar closed and my mates walked home I saw the woman who mentioned the barman stealing, I went over to thank her whilst I was waiting to order my Uber. She noticed me immediately as I crossed the road and she smiled and gave a little wave. This was odd but no one was behind me so I smiled back and stood next to her. She was glowing, big smile, right black dress, heels and glasses, her hair wavy and dark. She smelled amazing. I told her I just wanted to thank her again, I was planning on asking her for a drink until I saw her ring.

She saw me see it and looked a little disappointed, so I said I owe her a debt that needs to be paid and I'd like to buy her a drink down the road because I felt a little bad. She agreed with a smile and we walked, we talked about her husband, her night, her cat and her job. I hate talking about myself so I usually answer a question quick and move on. We were at the next bar and as we went to go in the bouncer said last call so we couldn't enter. That's when she turned to me and said "my hotel has a bar". I was a little shocked, "does it, where is the hotel". She was staying at the Vermont which was in viewing distance. I got a little nervous and said "shall we go there then". So we did and we were 3 drinks in, it was around 12:30 and she said she needed the bathroom and I could see them from the table, I pointed them out and she shook her head, gave a laugh and said "you might find this weird but I won't go to any public bathroom, I want to go to the one in my room" so me being a gentleman said "okay, I'll wait here and get us another drink". She looked down and stood up smiled and said she would be a few moments.

After a minute I got up to stretch my legs and saw her room key on the floor. I picked it up and ran to the elevator which was on her floor, I got in and went up, I looked down the hallway and saw her looking through her bag. She sighed and turned and I was walking to her, she smiled and looked down. "you dropped your room card on the floor" I said. She said thank you and I opened the door and gave her the key, she said "you might as well come in and wait for me, incase I forget the card again". I entered her room and sat on the bed. She went into the bathroom. As she was in there I was looking around and saw her phone was flashing, a text came through. She had loads of missed calls and texts from a contact labelled "hubby".

I'm not one for cheating so I go to leave and she comes out and looks at me and says "don't leave yet you haven't seen the view" and I smile and say "okay show me" and she starts to walk toward the window but pulls her tight dress up, revealing lingerie, black and a really nice round arse. "How's the view?" She asks as she bends over to look out the window. I'm actually shocked but I'm so excited, I know what's going to happen, I remove me shoes and go over to her, get on my knees and start to rub and kiss her cheeks and legs, she turns around and grabs my hair and pulls me back a bit "that's naughty". She lets go and pulls the dress off, a matching bra. She's got an amazing body and all I want to do is play with it.

She tells me to stand up and get on the bed, I go to get on but she says "you can only get into the bed if you're naked". Say no more I get undressed so fast. She gets on her knees at the bottom of the bed on the floor, I come down and she doesn't waste anytime and takes all my dick in her mouth, moaning as she is sucking. She pulls it out and starts to wank me off, her wedding ring going up and down my wet dick, she looks at it and sees me do the same. She stands up and gets close to me, I grab her arse and kiss her chest, I give her a cheeky slap on the arse and she bends over, gets her phone and starts to record. She gets on her knees and takes my dick again, she then passes the phone to me so I record her from the side. She looks at me and removes the ring but continues to suck. She throws it a side and pulls my dick out and says "you're so much bigger than my husband" looks into the camera and puts it away. I'm a little confused but turned on. She is still sucking and starring at me, I think even though she started all this she doesn't know what to do next.

So I stop her and get her off her knees, stand up with her and start to kiss her. I remove her bra with one hand which she giggles at, so I stop kissing and look at her for a second, I'm honestly stunned at how gorgeous this woman is. I get very excited and remove her pants from her lingerie stockings, she is so wet. She says "I'm a little shy" and I reply "nothing shy about you" stand up and push her against the wall, kiss her neck and start to finger her slowly but deep, I hear her say fuck under her breath and she's breathing heavy, she grabs my head and just looks at me. So I put another finger and get a little faster, I can feel her juices moving down my wrist, her breathing turns to moans and she starts to move her waist, her legs start to shake and she looks at me and says "I'm cumming" so I keep my pace and she cums and pulls my hand away. She is a little wobbly and pushes me onto the bed. I get a little cosy and she gets her phone and tells me to record. She gets ontop of me and sits on me raw, she says fuck under he breath and starts to ride me. I put the phone down because I'm enjoying myself too much to care about it. After a while she gets off and turns around,. Her arse is so perfect I slap it and start to record her again. Slapping her arse as I go, at this stage "hubby calls" I answer and say hello, she's moaning so loud. The voice says to put her on the phone she shakes her head and looks back at me and picks up her pace, she says "he cheated on me with my sister so we are getting a divorce". At this stage I don't care about it and say "mate she's getting the best fucking of her life. She will call you tomorrow". Hang up and turn it off, she loves this and gets faster. I also start to thrust and she cums again. She gets off me and lies down, spreads her legs and I get inside her again, I take this slow and get really deep, its starting to get a little romantic now and she's thrusting back, "make me cum again" so I oblige and keep going, she is slowly built up and she cums again, I'm also close and tell her this and she says she wants it inside her, so I pull out and she takes it in her hand and starts to wank me off, she looks me in the eye and I'm holding back because I want this to last and she says "cum for me" I lose it and cum, it sprays on her tits and then I put it back inside her and finish off in there.

She smiles as I like next to her and says "you're right, best fucking I've had" gets up and showers, I join her in the shower and there's a few more stories from that night/morning but those are for another day.

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