Written by Rebecca

26 Feb 2014

Where do I start well I want to give you a little bit of background about myself and my husband. I met my husband while I was hitch hiking in Wales over 24 years ago, we got on so well and I fell in love within just weeks . We got married after three months and went on to have two child re who are now living their own lives, so no it is the two of us. My name is Rebecca and my husband is Rob and he is a long distance hgv driver. He works away all week so he is only home from Friday evening to early Monday morning. I am forty four and Rob is fifty six I have natural black shoulder length hair with a figure of 36 30 34 and I an five feet three inches tall. Rob is six feet two with a receding hair line but he still a handsome man. We have only had sex with each other since we married. Please note that what i am about to tell you is not some wild sex experience like you see on here. But this is true in every detail and it is something that I never saw coming especially I my mature age.

Our house is a large four bedroom detached house rather big for us but we have been here since we got married and like it here. Well about six months ago my best friend and her husband moved to Spain but their son David who is twenty did not go with them. She asked if he could rent a room seeing as we had the space. I asked Rob and he said its fine and we will have some extra cash coming in. So David moved in and he kept himself to his self and spent most of time in his room and he always very polite and called me Mrs brown. One night he asked if he could watch the football on t v so said that’s fine. So evening came I cooked hie evening meal and we sat and watched the football together along with a bottle of wine. After the match he said good night and went to his room. The following week he asked about football again so we sat and watched the match together. At half time we talked as he was becoming more friendly and not as shy and I asked does he have a girl friend and I was amazed at his reply that he had never been out with a girl friend.

I never brought up the subject gain with fear of embargoing him but we continued to watch the football together. I had got him to call me Rebecca as Mrs brown seamed so informal and he was now like one of the family. Forward three months and morning he said see you later Rebecca I am of to town so off he went. I was going to be doing the washing so I went to strip his bed when I noticed he had left the computer on. It was showing a mature woman being fucked by two men she was sucking one while the other was screwing her doggy style. I made his bed and made a quick retreat and closed the bedroom door. I came down stairs to the washing machine on just as David came back in saying he had forgot his wallet. He came back down stairs and said Rebecca see you later try and be good. I felt myself blushing as he would know that I had seen what was on the computer and I wondered how I could face when he came home. Well to my relief David never mentioned it, thank god for that I said to myself. Everything was normal from then on until a week later. I got up around 9am and thought I would my bed and take it down when I went for breakfast I was still in my short night y.

I was leaning over the bed tucking in the clean sheet when I sensed a breath on my legs I froze as I new it could only be David. Then suddenly his head went all the way up to my pussy as his tongue licking my lips. I should have stood up and pushed him away but for some reason my head was responding to my body as he pushed the nighty up over my bottom. He was licking me from my anus to my clit and my legs were shaking. Then without warning he stood up and I felt the tip of his cock at my love tunnel and with one almighty push he was in me up to his balls as I was that wet. He started ramming me really fast and I felt go stiff and shout Rebecca you horny fucking bitch you, your so fucking horny then he flooded my pussy with his seed. I could hardly believe that I, a mature married woman had just let some young virile young man invade my body. I was unable or unwilling to stop him as he had lit a spark off that I never new existed. This is not the end but really just the beginning of what was to follow. Then in time my dear husband thought that something was going on with David and myself so will have to write about that and the affects it had on our marriage.