Written by Mad Mike

9 May 2007

I used to visit a local hotel to use the pool and gym and Maxine was a fairly regular visitor. A sexy looking 40 something blonde, she turned heads in her leotard, cossie or when she was dressed up to go home. Her husband worked long hours and after a few chats in the sauna and jacuzzi I reckoned she was bored and game for some fun. She seemed to be there most nights and always looked dressed to the nines...I was sure she didn't do all her excercise in the health club...the hotel rooms were also probably part of her workout too!! I sat alone in the jacuzzi one night and she walked in, I smiled and she joined me, placing her mobile on the side. I thought it strange that she had her phone, she kept cheking it for messages and finally I saw her read a text which clearly disappointed her. "Bad news?" "Sort of" she replied.... I was hoping to meet up with a friend later and now won't be able to.... A male friend? I enquired....? she smiled,. slightly embrarassed...yes she said. Not your husband I take it..? No.... It turned out that she regularly used her pool trips as a cover to meet a guy for a quick session before going home to hubby at around 10.30. I got a bit more familiar and asked if she'd been looking forward to sex with him... she looked a bit shocked and said yes of course... I said I'd be happy to take his place and grinned cheekily at her, and stroked her leg as I said it. She didnt flinch and said "meet me in the car park in 20 mins, she described where she was parked and left to change. I pinched myself and had a shower and shaved before heading out. sure enough, 20 mins later she appeared looking stunning in a pair of heels, and a beige skirt whch showed her gorgeous legs

He breasts showed off with an open blouse and push up bra. She climbed into my car and we started kissing, her hand slipped inside my shirt and my hand started caressing her firm breasts, she moaned and I felt her unzip my jeans and caress my cock. Cars coming up off the motorway sliproad lit up the car and I could see the passion in her eyes. My cock hardened and she took me in her mouth.... her phone bleeped and she stopped to read a text... her lover... she smiled and carried on.. I leant back in ecstacy as she teased and sucked my cock. I pushed her back and ran my hands up her thighs to find her juicy wet knickerless pussy .. I teased her clit and she moaned loudly as a few fellow gym members walked within yards of my car. I fingered her until she climaxed loudly, crushing my hand in her soaking pussy. I thought that was it, she pulled her skirt down and smiled, "follow me" she said as she got out fo the car and into hers. She drove off, around the ringroad, and up a lane to a quiet car park. She stopped, got out and I joined her. We kissed and I leant her back against the bonnet of her new car, and said...shall we christen it?? I pulled her skirt up and pulled my hard cock out and fucked her, started off with her lying back and her legs around me, then she bent over and I took her hard from behind... She moaned and writhed as my cock slid into her and she begged me to fuck her harder and cum inside her. I built up to an explosive orgasm and pumped her tight hole full of cum... I pulled out and told her to lick me clen and she went down and hungrily licked and sucked my wet cock. She looked up at me, and reached for her handbacg and took out some wipes to clean her dripping pussy...a well prepared lady. She pulled her thong back on and we kissed before she drove off to hubby.... what a night!!! I had several more sessions after her swims and also spent the morning at her house while her husband was at work after that!! More later!!