Written by r_smith

10 Apr 2008

this is a true story, my girlfriend and i where on holiday in Mas palomas she is 42 slim good figure shaved pussy and 36d tits, we both love sun bathing, she has told me many times how she would love more than one cock to play with but never done anything about it, only once when she had to use the gents toilet as the ladys was out of order, and I went in with her but that is another story. We where up the dunes sun bathing she had a small bikini on and reading a mag ,and I had small tunks on and half asleep about an hour or so she said there is a bloke over there watching and wanking,I peered up through my sun glass and sure enough about 10 ft away a bloke about 30 was wanking a very nice cock,she said what is he wanking over Iam not even topless, after a while a couple more turned up and were wanking, It made us a bit nervous but we took no notice they spunked and walk of, all day we saw men walking over the dunes naked and most were hard or semi and nearly all shaved there were some really big cocks, we walked back to our apartment,and chatted about what we had seen, it had made us both really turned on I said I wouldnt mind going naked the next day my girlfriend said she would like to go nude.That night at dinner we got chatting to a couple they told us that you can only sun bath on the beach, if you go in the dunes the men look for couples or men to have sex with they it really got them down and wont go there. we had drunk alot and walk home talking about my girlfriend wanting to wank a cock or two the next day. The day back up the dunes, I said Iam going naked and slipped out of my shorts and lay with a semi hard on my girlfriend did the same ,she kept touching my cock, she had her legs open and she looked very wet her lips just open as they do when she gets horny, after a short while we saw this young guy with a very big cock wanking Istarted to rub my g/f wet slit he got closer and closer until he was about 2 ft away I said do you want to wank it but she said I dont know we watch the foreskin going over the head as he wanked it and the precum running over his hands , about a second later he shot a load of spunk about 3ft into the sand he wiped is cock waved and went I was so hard and she was so wet with that she said I must pee and lifted her bum off the ground and pee a stream which made me really hot, I looked over and four blokes had been watching her pee and were wanking they come over and stood in front of us my g/f reached up and wanked off each one and they shot all over her tits and body we got cleaned up and went back to the apartment she said I dont know what made me do that I sorry I said I loved it. when I get time I will tell the rest this a true story