Written by Cuminchelle

18 Jan 2015

For any guys that love watching their wives get fucked get down to a Masaj Salonu in Turkey as I have just witnessed my fifty year year old missus get massaged and fucked until she came like a fuckin express train!

We had been out on the piss in Istanbul and had got the ferry back to the Asian side and caled in a few caf├ęs for some drinks and we ended up across the road from a this massage parlour called Masaj Salonu. I asked Michelle if she fancied a massage and she said yes so we went in.

There was a girl and a guy in reception and they asked what we wanted and we managed to agree on a massage for the missus whilst I watched if that was possible. We ascertained it was and Michelle went off escorted by the girl to get changed whilst I was offered a drink of Turkish coffee which had me buzzing in about five minutes.

Michelle came back in a robe and nothing else and we were shown to a room where a guy of about thirtyish was there in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. He was very well built with a considerable bulge in his shorts. He asked Michelle to lay down on the bed on her front and loosen her robe which she did. He did nothing more than to take her robe away and leave her naked showing her arse to us both, he got a towel and covered her arse and picked up a bottle of oil and began to lube Michelle's back, legs and arms. By the time he had finished Michelle was moaning a little and she was covered in warm oil.

The guy then began to work on her arms and gave a good strong massage and the moved to her shoulders and soon had Michelle sighing that it was good. He then worked down her back to her arse which was covered by a towel and he kept dipping his hands underneath her towel to rub her fleshy top of her arse. Once he pushed both his hands under the towel and worked her arse cheeks and he then stopped and moved down to her feet and calves. He worked her feet and calves and had her moaning and he then worked his hands higher to the backs of her knees, then higher to just under her towel. He asked Michelle if this was good and would she like him to stop, to which she replied no please carry on and work higher!

His hands now went under the towel and began to work the tops of Michelle's thighs, I asked if it was okay for me to remove the towel and he said it was so I took away the towel to present Michelle's lovely plump arse to him. He duly began to massage her arse and open her thighs as Michelle began to groan. He continued massaging and Michelle opened her legs for him as I saw he big puffy lips open and glisten as her juices began to flow from her lubricating pussy.

He just kep massaging closer to her labia until his fingers were brushing her pussy lips and Michealle was groaning for him to push his fingers up her wet cunt, which he duly obliged. Now his fingers were up her cunt he began to rub her clit with one hand and finger fuck her cunt with the other.

Michelle opened her legs wider and the guy pulled down his shorts and began to lube up his growing cock which began to look very impressive. He kept wanking himself as he stepped out of his shorts and I told Michelle his cock was very impressive and did she want to feel it inside her?

To which she replied yes get him to fuck my pussy now. He did nothing more than get a little step push it under the massage table and open Michelle's legs wide and present his cock to her glistening wet pussy lips.

He rubbed his prick against her lips and opened her cunt lips with his other as he slipped his big prick inside her.

He pulled her towards him and her legs fell down beside the table as his cock invaded her cunt. He withdrew and pushed back inside her and Michelle began to moan.

Fuck me you dirty bastard she told him fuck my cunt until you cum up inside me. He began to fuck Michelle's cunt and built up a rhythm as I wanked my cock his balls slapping against her clit. He fucked his prick up her, pulling it out then pushing it back up her making Michelle squeal with delight.

He began to fuck her harder now, Michelle's cunt was stretched around his prick as he pulled it out of her then fucked it back up her sodden pussy. She began to shout she was cumming as her hips began to shake and he began to fuck her cunt harder. Making slopping noises from her wet cunt. He shouted he was going to cum up her cunt and his arse began to twitch as he shot his spunk into my wife.

Michelle came hard and noisily on his prick shouting she was coming and for him to fuck his hard cock up her hot wet cunt.

Fuck my pussy, fuck it hard she told him as she came against his cock. He just kept shooting his spunk up her until he had finished and he rested on top of her.

His prick flopped out of her cunt and his spunk ran out of Micheles pussy and onto her clit. I told him to move as I wanted to fuck my wife's cunt. He moved to one side and watched as I stood on the step and fed my rock hard prick into Michelle's stretched and cum filled cunt.

It went in right up to my balls and I pulled out and looked at the spunk covering my prick and just shoved it straight back up her and rammed her hard and she pushed her hand underneath herself and began to finger clit as I fucked her cum filled cunt.

I fucked my cock up her as she fingered her clit and she began to wriggle and squirm as she began to cum against my cock and I shot my spunk up inside her mingling with the massage guys sperm as it shot up inside her womb.

She is not on the pill but is coming to the end of her fertility as she is on the change but it is always a risk when we fuck someone else as we are never sure if she has finally finished or not, so the sperm could be fertilising her as I write.

Michelle is now lay on the bed and playing with her cunt and waits for me to go and lick her pussy then fuck her again as she is very horny.

She would like to know what you would like to do to her as she lies on the bed her legs open and her fingers playing with her clit. Let us know and we will share some more adventures that we have had in the past especially in Turkey over the last ten years as she has fucked many a young Turk until he has shot his virile spunk up her wet snatch.

Come on guys and girls as Michelle has had a few girly adventures too but she was very drunk when she enjoyed the delights of another lady.