Written by Sociablefella

17 Mar 2019

Quite a long story but all true.

It began in January when I joined a vanilla dating site and started to chat with a woman who very quickly gave me her phone number and things progressed from there. The first night I went down to see her we ended up in bed having great sex and spent the night chatting about our experiences sexually. She confessed that she enjoyed naked sunbathing and had last summer spent many a day on the nudist beach at studland , initially just naked but had moved onto playing while guys watched and wanked themselves . I found this very exciting and asked her whether she would be interested in letting guys touch her and if she was up for wanking one or two with me present making sure everything was safe and kept under control. I was rubbing her as I talked about this scenario and she came heavily saying yes she would love for something like that to happen, if I was ok with it. It was then that I told her about my experiences swinging with couples and

the other fun I have had with previous partners.

So we met up whenever we could for the next few weeks and as we were both on holiday at the end of February, we discussed going away for a week. We decided on gran canaria and booked it up only a few days before we were due to leave.

I had found some very interesting videos online about the dunes in maspolamas and sent them over to her to have a look at. She loved them and told me that she couldn't stop thinking about having some fun.

We arrived on the Monday afternoon and had a great evening, drinking and getting fruity with each other. The next morning we were up early and set of for the beach. We weren't sure where to go and wandered along the beach until we started to notice the nudist area. We found a nice spot to settle down and got naked. Obviously we were on the main beach and knew that this wasn't the place to start playing with each other but enjoyed the feeling of looking at and being looked at. A couple of guys came over and chatted with semi hard cocks and when they had gone. I asked her how wet she was and she replied that she was very turned on and would like to find the dunes tomorrow and see what happens. Again that night we were all over each other and had some amazing saucy sex . Now even though I have had some experience with my women, even I was unsure about what happens in the dunes but she said that the guys were always very respectful when she had played with them watching before.

The next morning we again set of but this time we didn't go onto the beach but turned away from it and headed to where the dunes where, some distance from the sea. As we walked around we noticed that there were guys in the bushes and knew we were in the right place. We found a good place and set ourselves up and stripped of. Within minutes guys were appearing and having a good look but we weren't ready to play and I soon realized that if we showed no interest they were as she had said very respectful and carried on walking.

I had taken some alcohol with us and we had a few drinks and loosened up a bit. The Sun was having the desired effect and it wasn't long before we were touching each other and getting fruity. Again the guys were there instantly and I told them they could watch but to keep their distance. As I made her cum with my hands and mouth, a few guys wanked and came over the sand. She then started to give me a nice deep sloppy bj until I could feel myself getting close and asked her to get on her back. She laid down and I moved over her breasts and wanked myself until I shot all over her tits and face. I moved in and kissed her and asked if she was ready for some more. She said yes but one at a time and only over her tits and body. I waved to a guy who was quite well endowed and had been there for the initial stages and he came over. I spoke to him and he was Spanish but spoke some English and I told him that he could touch tits and come over them but no touching anywhere else and he understood. He moved in and was by her side playing with himself. She moved her hand and cupped his big shaven balls and he rubbed her tits and played with her big nipples. She then grabbed his cock in her hand and started to stroke his now huge cock , he started to moan and said he was close to coming. She had his cock in one hand and his balls in her other hand. He came all over her body and thanked us and moved away. There are many more here I told her and she said that she was happy to let two guys at once wank over her while she played with herself . I motioned to two guys to come over and they were there in a shot. Now she has an amazing pair of real natural boobs with great big nipples that stick out when she is turned on and I can tell you that they were as hard as I've ever seen them. The two guys were at her side and she started to stroke both of them at the same time. I knew she wanted to have her pussy played with,so I moved in and got between her legs and used my fingers and mouth to get her going. One of the guys asked if it was ok for him to touch her down there and we both played with her. I looked up just as one guy was spunking all over her tits and she started to rub it all over herself. The other guy was now at her side and I could tell that she was so horny that she might just start to suck him off. I wasn't wrong and she took him into her mouth, while playing with his big balls. It wasn't long before he said he was going to cum and she wanked him all over her tits and then to my surprise she licked and cleaned his cock up. This was enough for our first day in the dunes and when we got back to the apartment we were again all over each other for most of that night. It was only day two of seven and the fun continued and progressively got even saucier.

More to follow.