Written by Surprised

30 Mar 2014

We have just returned from a week in the sun in Maspalomas. We have always enjoyed going to nude beaches if they are near us on holiday and had planned to spend the whole week sunbathing etc. in the dunes.

We did realise it was a gay centre but were surprised at the number of men, or should I say lack of men who were interested in my wife.

She had a couple of encounters all week but most passers by were more interested in me than her.

We always went to the same spot every day as it had adequate shade if we needed it and was not too open to everybody walking by. We did like a little privacy...

About halfway through the week an older man of about 60 started putting his towel down near us. What we both noticed was that he had the biggest cock that either of us had ever seen. It was prob 9 inches long and very fat when soft and my wife remarked that she would love to see it hard.

He was obviously gay so paid no attention to my wife but always gave me a smile as I walked by. I have a very fit body with a slim defined waist, and broad shoulders from going to the gym and I found that lots of men stared at me as they walked by.

On the last day he was about 10 metres away behind a low bush and was near a place we stood to get a cooling breeze. I was stood for a while and happened to glance at him and thought he was asleep. His cock started growing as I looked and got to full hardness very quickly. He then proceeded to start tensing it so that it stood straight up. It was huge. Probably about 10 or 11 inches long and very very fat. I was fascinated watching him make it stand up for me.

He knew I was watching and rubbed it a little to pull the foreskin right back. I have never been interested in anything like that before but I couldn't keep my eyes off it.

I walked back to my wife to get her to see it and she took a look and said what a waste.

She also pointed out that my cock was dripping and I liked it as well. I said to her I'd like to touch it and she said well go on then.

I walked back to him and stood close as he again started to tense it to make it stand up. I got very close and he pretended to be asleep. I was now within a metre of him and my own cock was rock hard. I thought I'd go for it and reached down to rub it. He groaned as I put two hands on it and wanked him. It felt so hot and was so wide my hand didn't close around it. he still kept his eyes closed as I wanked him but tried to push my head down to suck him. I didn't want that so said no and he accepted that I was going to wank him.

I played with it for about 5 mins and the end was dripping as I pulled back his foreskin and rubbed my hand over the end.

He suddenly started moving his hips more and I felt him go tense as a huge jet shot from his cock. I kept rubbing my hands up and down and over the end as he kept coming shooting 5 long strings of cum.

When he had finished he just lay back and I walked back to my wife who said she had enjoyed watching me wank him.

She just grabbed hold of my cock and wanked me until I cam in about 10 seconds.

I never thought I would ever do anything like that but was tempted as his cock was so big.