Written by losha

9 Sep 2010

Well I fancied a naturist massage so looked one up ih a naturist mag,I found one local to me,so I gave him a call & arranged a time,well time got closer & I was getting so nervous as I have not done this before.So arrived at appointed place & was invited in & showed me his massage room,so nice & I felt so comfy,so we both stripped off & I laid on his table,he started massage my shoulders but staring me right in my face was this semi errect cock,he kept moving his hips as to invite me to play or suck his cock,so I put his cock in my mouth started sucking it,so nice the taste of his hard cock,then he withdrew it as not to cum,then he moved to my back his hands where all over he touched my bum & my bum cheeks twiched he pulled them apart & with his lubed hand touched my hole so I parted my legs slightly & he slipped a finger up my arse so nice, this was only for a few secounds but it sent my head spinning,carried on with legs.Then I turned over he pulled my arms out &put his balls in my hand to play with while he rubbed my uper arms this also felt nice so this happend with the other arm as well,any way it was coming to the cock massage he was all lubed up & playing with my balls & cock,then all of a sudden he was on top of me with his cock & balls touching mine he smiled I said it feels good, then he spun on the table & started sucking my cock & I his it felt so good I wanted to shoot my cum & he knew it but just kept sucking out it shot into his mouth & he swolled the lot, I felt a slight swinge in his cock then he shot the lot I tried to swollow everthing but it was to much & it started dripping out of my mouth,he saw this & turned & started licking my mouth he said he loved his own cum,so we showerd together, cleaned each other up,dried & I made onther date for return visit.