Written by itchy fingers

31 Jan 2019

My wife Sue had been having physio done for an injured arm and elbow and kept saying how nice it felt to get relief from a constant ache. It was around six weeks before her injury was recovered and I suggested we had a long weekend somewhere as a bit of a change and a celebration of her being pain free at last. We agreed a destination and had gone for Bruges. I knew the place quite well and being a fairly easy trip, we drove through a bit of France and to our hotel which we had loved being at before.

We set off on Thursday and the ferry to Calais was fairly quiet so we had a meal on board and relaxed. Sue aid how nice it would be to get a nice massage while we were at the hotel. With it being four star, I suggested that perhaps the spa could do a room service type one of she preferred. Once settled in we went to the spa and pool area to suss it out as it was newly installed. It was beautifully done and very tasteful. Now I was uncertain whether my mind was in sync with Sue's but I was thinking sexy massage and maybe she was thinking otherwise.

After a swim we relaxed in the sauna, just the two of us on a quiet January night. It was cold outside but very clear and we could see flakes of snow settling in the gardens which the spa overlooked. Sue was getting very suggestive, slipping the top of her swimsuit down and allowing her breasts to be free. The nipples doing their thing of stiffening almost immediately as she leaned across to kiss me. I took a nipple between finger and thumb and tweaked gently, bringing a smile to her pretty face. We kissed and she said that she was going to ask the receptionist about a massage. I reminded her that it was the same fellah who was watching porn when we were having a late night drink last time we were there, which was three years ago, my ability to recognise faces has a lot of advantages and his face stood out in my mind as the laptop he was watching his porn on was reflected in the mirror behind the bar so even though it was facing away from me, I was able to order drinks and watch some action at the same time.

We left the sauna and went to our rooms in big heavy dressing gowns and Sue took a shower and changed into a nice short skirt and low cut ribbed pullover which hugged her curves and showed plenty of tit. I said she maybe should slip down as she was and ask him about a massage. We did not say anything more, she read me like a book and we knew each other's minds just from facial expressions. She left and I sat with a rather nice whisky and feeling a cosy glow and an increasingly stiff cock thinking of what she was doing right now.

Fifteen minutes later she was back with a naughty grin on her face. Telling me she was in the empty bar while he attended to the phone, his laptop open again, playing a sex scene but the top was slightly lowered so the screen was not perfect, but it was unmistakably porn with the horrendous music muted. When he came through, she asked her about massages and he gave her the official brochure with tarrifs and then she said that she would like a personal massage, preferably in the room. This changed the stakes. He looked at her and checked round the bar which remained empty. Then he asked when she would like the service as he was a qualified masseur and would happily oblige her. Sue realised he was intending to bypass the hotel system for his own ends.

Now being blonde, she is definitely not dumb. Her figure has been appreciated by many men intimately with my full consent so we had no conflict of interests and I was very happy for her to choose if she wanted to play and I would either remain or disappear for her to enjoy the fun alone. So my sexy lady said she was awaiting a phone call to our room and he would make the arrangements.

Ten minutes or so later the phone buzzed. Sue answered and chatted a little then put the phone down and said he was coming up with some towels and oils very shortly and that I could watch if I wanted to. She said it might be fun if I watched from a few minutes in so they could be relaxed. I agreed and shortly after the knock came on the door. I slipped into the bathroom and Sue let him in. He had a folding table and a load of towels and a service trolley with oils attached to the 'bed'. He set it up and said he would be finishing in the bar in fifteen minutes and then he would be up. He left and we looked at each other. Sue was looking very tense, excited by the speed of it happening. We hugged and kissed and I talked dirty to her and I knew she was well up for it as her breathing was becoming erratic, faster and her speech slightly softer, more whispery. I volunteered to go downstairs for a while before returning so as not to miss too much of the fun.

I walked down the stairs and heard the lift going in the opposite way. He was not in the bar. Two guests were quietly sipping a nightcap and ignored me as I read some magazines in Belgian, still full of remembrance pictures. I must have read through five magazines but not absorbed anything as my mind was still in our bedroom where my wife was probably naked and being fucked. I tried to think which panties she might have on, or not as the case may be. Would he be licking her gorgeous cunt by now.? Will he shoot his spunk right up her?. Will he fuck her arse? All part of the picture, the game, the wonderful game of sexual freedom.

The clock seemed incapable of budging and I was restless. Finally I saw the hands move to a comfortable fourteen minutes having elapsed so I returned to the room slowly mounting the stairs and checking my watch. The floor was reached, the lobby to the room, the room with the door closed and concealing my dream. I slipped the card into the slot and imagined his cock doing the same to her wet cunt. The buzz of acceptance a green light, the same green light she was giving him right now. The room was dimly lit and I entered the short corridor and heard deep sighs. The scent of the oils was faint but her blissful sighs were overpowering. As I rounded the corner I saw Sue laid face up on the bed on top of white towels, her legs were apart and the masseur was face first in her cunt. Her clothes lay on the king sized bed and the y were on the massage table at the foot of the bed. His clothes were on the floor, his cock was out of sight but I knew it would not be for long. Sue's tits were shining with oils, her nipples stiff as nails and she was rocking her head from side to side with excitement of whatever his tongue was doing to her. I stole across to a chair and whipped my trousers down and got my cock out before sitting down to watch the show.

Neither of them seemed aware of my presence so I wanked gently for fear of shooting far too soon. from my point of view it seemed the massage had not lasted long but the fucking certainly showed no sign of ending soon. He came up for air and as he stood up he smiled at me and I saw his cock was easily an inch or more greater than mine. Sue lifted her head and grabbed his cock, bringing it to her mouth and looking at me with a smile. She toyed with it and he took her tits in his hands, adding a sensual touch to this unexpected occasion. They were well into each other and I witnessed him move her round to get her bum in line with his face and then he rimmed her ring with his probing tongue, making her groan deeply with pleasure as his tongue bored as deep as it could in her brown hole. He inserted a thumb and she shut her eyes and growled as he got it as far in as he could, moving the knuckle sensually and making her buck with joy. The massage table was an awkward height so they moved to the bed, his naked cock flopping aggressively between his thighs, stiff and eager to take one of her holes. I noticed her cunt was puffy and red and looked delicious, her bum was full of thumb and her mouth taking cock. A scene of total abandonment for my eyes and any sex connoisseur would have appreciated it.

I watched him taking his thumb out and she sighed disappointedly, but, in the doggy position she very soon had his thick shaft nudging at her wet lips and teasing her cunt with the head of his cock gently easing in an inch or so and then out, progressing deeper each push until she had his shaft fully in her willing cunt. They started fucking noisily and she begged him to go deep as he could, which he did and raised a shriek from her as she took that lovely cock deep time and again.

My pleasure lasted almost an hour as he lasted well past anything I could muster and his ability to keep fucking was legendary. When he eventually did fill her up, she was shattered but joyously happy at the orgasms she had received. I poured him a drink but he refused saying he was due back downstairs as he was on all night in the office and letting guests in and out when they had forgotten or lost their keys. He thanked us for the pleasure we had given him. Sue gave him a big kiss and said if he wanted another bit of fun, just say so. He left, taking his equipment with him and thanking us again.

We kissed and cuddled and fucked long into the night. Next morning we had breakfast and saw him talking to another male member of staff and looking in our direction. I said I wonder if they are discussing last night. The knowing looks as we left the dining room sort of said it all. We still had our full weekend in front of us. Maybe there was more to tell?