Written by massagefuck

16 Feb 2012

I recently signed up for a promotional deal via the social network site to get extra customers for my massage business. I have a small salon just on the outskirts of Birmingham. What I didn't realize was that with the extra volume of business came lovely perks of casual sex.

Most of customers who signed up were women, mostly quite affluent and married who wanted to be pampered and pleased .

Let me give you details of one client. She is 42, blonde, 5ft 5, carries a lovely pair of 34D, extremely long and toned legs. She came asking for an all round Swedish massage. With my previous experience, I was instantly attracted to her. We did the pre session questionnaire and he skirt was extremely short and I couldn't take my eyes of them.

I got to change and lay on the massage table while i went out. The mood is always very dimmed with candles, soft music playing in the background with the room scented and warm. I came in she was covered with the towel and facing down. I poured some warm oil on my hands and started on her shoulders . Her skin was very soft and slightly tanned. I moved to her back and was ready to start on her legs. She was enjoying the experience by commenting on my technique.

I started with her feet, ankles and she asked for her thighs to be massaged. As I moved up the towel, i noticed her had nothing on. This sort of turned me on and had a stiff cock. She moved her legs further part and I could see her shaven pussy. I said 'there was no need to take your underwear off' . She replied ' i like it naked and you can have more total access'. ' Be free to explore'.

With that invitation, i moved towards her thighs, massaging them softly. She began to moan. This encouraged me to move closer to her pussy. She widen her legs further and sort pushed her bum higher. This gave me a lovely entry for my thumb to massage her pussy lips. Her moans became a bit louder. I stoked the whole length of her pussy. She was extremely wet. She whispered' finger me ' . My index finger entered her while still massaging her lips. Firstly very slowly, then faster as she kept moaning louder.

I was totally turned on, so took off the towel and she totally naked. I pushed her closer to me , raised her bum and started to kiss, lick her anal hole, while fingering her. I tongue soon moved to her pussy from behind and I started to lick and eat her deep. At this stage she was extremely wet and her juicy were very tasteful. With me licking and fingering her deep, i heard her say 'i'm cuming , don't stop'. Within minutes I tasted her juices all over my mouth.

I moved towards her mouth and snogged her deep. She turned around and I started to massage her lovely firm breasts and nice pink nipples. Her hands reached for my cock and I unbuttoned my trousers to expose a throbbing 7inch cock. She started to suck me deep, while i was standing next to her mouth, She was sucking and wanking me off.

I asked to fuck her. She obliged and while she was on her back, i put on a condom , pushed on the edge of the table , lifted her legs higher and entered her while standing up.

I was fucking her deep , while holding her legs for support. The speed increased, she was moaning while I was deep inside . With my speed, I soon began to feel my precum and soon shot my load deep inside her. I took my full condom off and she pushed my cock into her mouth to suck and clean it off.

We finished with a lovely deep snogged and I finished off the rest of the massage on her chest, breasts and neck.

She has booked 4 more sessions.