Written by massageman

10 Oct 2010

I work as a massage specialist for a very reputable and upmarket hotel chain. My clients include very wealthy business persons, lawyers, solicitors, sales directors and rich wives. Let me share the pleasures of my job in particular last week. A sales director(discovered later), had booked a deep sport massage with hot stones.

As usual we ask the client for a pre treatment questionnaire, allow them to relax in a room in their robe before entering the massage treatment area.

Marie entered, 5ft 7, medium built, brunette and I noticed the lovely long legs and a very firm bust.She explained she was on a training session and needed a relaxing but deep massage to relax and prepare for next week.

I made her comfortable, asked her lay on her back with the towels covering her private parts. I commenced the massage from her neck, to the shoulders and as I fancied playing with her (a perk), while rubbing my thumbs on her shoulders I rested my fingers on the edge of her breasts. And as the thumbs were massaging her back, the breasts were been stroked by my fingers and then taken away. A trick of tease mastered by experience. With her body relaxed and with her comments of 'oh that's nice' I could see she was getting turned on.

I moved my hands and started to massage her feet, calfs and eventually her thighs. Her legs moved slightly apart. I sensed she wanted more and asked if she was happy. Very quickly, she said 'can you massage my thighs as they were a bit stiff and moved her legs further apart. I caught the glimpse of her thong and developed a very hard on. I moved my hands on her thighs and again another trick, occasionally flicked her inner thigh awaiting a reaction. She responded with a 'hmmm'. The usual signal of more. I love the feel of my hands on very sexy bodies. She said ' can you spend some time on her shoulders again. The signs were there!

I moved my hands on her shoulders and her towel became a bit loose and I took the opportunity to lay my whole fingers on her semi exposed breasts. With my movements her breasts were been massaged at longer periods. She just moaned with more pleasure. I took the chance and moved my whole hands on her breasts and started to massage the breasts. She turned around exposing her erect nipples and I soon was massing her full breasts and her red erected nipples. I took away the towels, exposing her semi naked , horny body. I pushed her legs on the table , moved her tong away and started to massage and finger her very wet and shaven pussy. The fingering became faster and her body was trembling with pleasure.

I moved my head in between her thighs and started to lick and kiss her pussy. She was full juice and it was not long before I tasted her cum in my mouth. She said 'fuck me please'.

I turned her around. raised her bum on the edge and had my hard cock into her pussy, shagging her doggy style. I played safe and was pounding her deep and long. She screamed 'deeper' and while holding her hips, the rhythm increased and with my deep movements I shot my load in her.

I gave her a deep snog while pinching her nipples. She took my semi cock and licked me clean while getting me hard again. She soaked till I came into her mouth.

The hour session was completed and she left fully satisfied.

As she was staying at the hotel all week, we ended up fucking all week in her room.She was one of the most sexed woman I have fucked for a long time.

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