Written by sam

25 Feb 2011

Hi, We enjoy reading all your adventures, and although tame, would like to share our's with you.

My name is Sam (Samantha), I'm a 5' 2", 8.6stone, 31 year old petite brown haired woman with 32B cupped boobs and considered to be attractive.

Graham my husband of 4 years is a great friend and partner, slightly older and considerably shy.

It was whilst reading one of your letters that i realised i knew the massage therapist mentioned.

I'd seen Paul a few years previous about an injury to my shoulder.

When i told Graham I knew him, he was full of questions, unfortunately nothing erotic happened. He kept the towels covering me, if not working in that area and all his touches were strictly professional. I saw him for about 5 visits over a 6 week period, really enjoyed the massage and although he sorted my shoulder out and i promised myself to continue seeing him, once better, i kept saying next week, but next week never came.

Due to the letter, my back aching due to standing or sitting wrong at work all day and Graham badgering me to book a treatment, hoping the phone number was the same i made the call.

Sorted, we chatted as if i'd been a client for years, with the appointment made, Graham became quite horny and very touchy feely. Whilst washing up he'd cupp my boobs from behind and ask how the massage felt, or he'd rub my bum in bed and say how tender the muscules felt and how in need i was for a massage.

Sod's law the morning of the massage, my car failed its MOT, It wasn't a big problem, but the part wouldnt be in until the next day. Although drivable, labour wise it would be a lot cheaper to leave the car stripped down ready to bolt the bit on, so i was car less.

My fence gave up the fight after the winter snow and winds and by the time Graham came home, the last thing i felt like talking about was my massage later that evening.

Graham weren't keen on me cancelling and a Taxi would of cost as much as the massage, so i reluctantly agreed to riding pillion on his bike. I have all the leathers and quite enjoy an afternoon spin in the summer, but January in the dark! Not my choice of transport.

As it was the journey was ok and as i stood beside the bike saying good bye and i'd call him when i was ready, Paul came to the door, reconising me he came to the kerb said hello and introduced himself to Graham. In short, on hearing i was car-less it was agreed graham should wait for me at Paul's rather than run back and forth.

As we sat and went over a few health questions I couldn't help but think of the letter from S H, so asked Paul if he ever did basic massage tuition courses for couples.

He did. Could I book Graham and I up for one? I could.

Rather than Graham sit in the lounge watching tv, would it be possible to start one that evening? We could.

Paul showed us through to his bedroom where we could take the rest of our gear off and Graham grabbed a quick shower as he hadn't planned on staying.

So there we stood, graham with a towel around his waist and me with one wrapped around my torso covering my boobs and tucked under my arm.

Obviously the structure of the course had to be changed as it was all so last minute and no time for any basic therory.

It was decided by Graham that I'd start off being the body.

When asked what type of massage we'd like to practice, after a lot of this and that Graham asked was it possible as it was only for our use to make it Relaxing, theraputic and slightly tantric. Non of which was a problem.

So I untucked the towel and laid face down on the massage table.

The massage started with graham copying the moves demonstrated by Paul and it felt really nice. Although being taught, there wasn't a lot being said, so i felt quite relaxed. More monkey see, monkey do rather than talk the talk was how paul had said prior to us starting.

As they worked over my bum i could feel the warm oil slowly finding its way down the cheeks of my bum and subconsiously had slightly spread my legs apart. I willed their fingers to brush against my exposed lips but to no avail and I felt my toes twitch and curl in atisipation as their hands ran across my bum and hips. It was quite without warning that i felt fingers run down the crack of my bum, across my anus and over the now moist lips of my fanny, parting them on the way. as each movement was copied, it added to the excitement, knowing what was to follow.

As they moved onto my thighs, on some up-ward strokes their fingers would rub brush and part my by now fully exposed and well lubricated fanny. It felt wonderfull as i felt a upward stroke continue up and as the fingers parted my lips they continued up inside me. Then, between thumb and forefinger i could feel my clitorus being gently stimulated, followed bt a slow deep probe of their fingers.

Unable to hold on any longer and unsure how i should react i felt myself coming. But instead of finishing me off quickly, as i started to come i felt the fingers withdraw. Feeling cheated i was left in limbo, on the edge of an orgasm, cum starting to trickle from me, but not a full orgasm.

They continued over my calfs and included the odd full leg stroke that ended with their fingers coming to a gentle rest inside me.

As i turned over, Grahams face was a picture, he winked and gave the air a kiss whilst looking down at me.

Feeling relaxed, yet excited i got a thrill as i lay exposed to their eyes and in a pretence of getting comfortable shuffled about on the table until i laid with my thighs discretely parted, rather than the natural position with them slighly touching each other.

As Paul worked on one side of me Graham followed suit on the other. My nipples were screaming for attention as both my boobs were being massaged simultaneously.

Standing at the head of the table the long strokes from my groin up my torso and over my boobs felt gorgous, then as Graham continued on my boobs, I glanced down to see paul start to massage around my wet and wanton fanny. After quite a while of stimulation and excitment i felt a surge of joy as graham, unable to contain his excitment any longer took my erect and tingling nipple between his teeth whilst playing with the other one.

I came so strong that my thighs trapped Pauls fingers inside me and i pulled Graham's head firmly onto my boobs. I didnt want either of them to move a muscle as the waves of pleasure rippled through me.

As i felt the orgasm subside Graham began to kiss his way up my chest and as our lips touched so my hand found its way to his erect penis through the towel.

He asked Paul something?, then released the towel so i could touch him properly.

I slowly wanked him as we kissed, whilst at the same time Paul resumed stimulating my clitorus.

I dont know if it was my willing him, or his excitment but Graham pulled himself from me and stood by the side of the table, turning my head i took him in my mouth.

After only a minute or so graham said i'd have to stop as he was about to cum.

He then asked Paul to swap positions, looking at me for aproval Paul complied with his wishes.

And as i sucked Pauls cock, Graham parted the blood enflamed lips of my fanny and began to eat me.

As Paul began to fuck my mouth, I could feel graham manuvour my hips towards the edge of the table and lift my leg slightly. I was so excited laying on my side with a strange dick in my mouth, my bum on the edge of the table whilst my husband eased his dick inside me and began to fuck me from behind.

Within minutes I came again so violent that to be honest grahams orgasm was lost to my senses.

I'm not sure about the next few minutes but remember asking Paul to fuck me. (A word i never use).

Taking Grahams place between my legs i watched, somewhat disapointed as he slid a condom on, then holding me under and around the hips he slide into me.

Grahams face was a picture as he watched his until then faithfull wife get screwed.

The joy we got that day can never be bettered, nor the sexual freedom we agreed if done together is great fun, as we now enjoy a more honest sex life. We have met Paul and his wife to experience shared massages. Have been to a naturist spa and although the spa was nice it was full of no hopers that tried to touch and intrude at every oppotunity. As one lady there told me. "Not only are these old guy's a pain, their also quite thick, because if they backed off and just watched, they'd get more of a chance to be invited to touch than the usual sod off".

If a woman was at a public swimming pool these guys wouldnt dream of just reaching out to touch them without so much as a hello, so why just because its in a naturist enviroment do they think its ok to do such things?

We're not full blown swingers YET, but thanks to the letters in this room we are getting to know what we want to try, where, when and with whom.

Sorry it was a bit long and tame, but will keep you informed if anything really exciting happens.

Sam and Graham