Written by Paul

20 Apr 2012

My gorgeous wife Fiona (44) had received a birthday gift from her sister for a massage, so saturday morning off she goes for the massage and comes back with a smile on her face and bragging that her massage was from a very large african man with very strong fingers.

Quietly my cock was stiffening up at the thought of her getting rubbed all over from a large black guy - that night in bed we are having a kiss and a cuddle and I ask her about the massage, Fi gently ran a finger up and down my cock and whispered in my ear how she was initially surprised that a man was to rub her down (she is a fantasy of mine to watch her fuck another man and that I'd love to have a MMF threesome with her).

Fi was talking into my ear and her breath blowing in my ear was a cock hardening turn on and she slowly cooed how it was so nice having her dream massage and that the feeling was such a turn on. She then told me at length how the Masseur had brushed his groin area against her arm a few times and that he felt enormous - at that I pushed her legs apart and mounted her and fucked her like a man possessed - Fi took my right hand and sucked on my thumb as I fucked her which is part of our bedroom fantasy moves for the threesome - her bucking back at me was fantastic.

Sensing she would like to complete a return visit I took the liberty of booking a massage the next weekend for her - the Friday night after some drinks I had the bedroom set up with some candles, the kids were at the neighbours on a sleep over until mid afternoon the next day and the massage oil was ready.

Fi showered and dropped face first onto the bed and I slowly covered her with oil - as expected her legs parted as I massaged the inside of her thighs and I gently rubbed my finger over her pussy lips, I then said that she was to get another massage the next day from her African friend and slipped two fingers into her very moist pussy, with that she moved up onto her knees and said "Fuck me", I gladly slid my aching cock into Fi and she started pushing back onto me and moved a hand down to her clit and vigorously rubbed herself - at this point I had hold of her hips then bluntly said that I was going to give her a condom tomorrow and if she wanted to fuck the masseur she could - Fi erupted in moans and began thrusting back at me even harder, her pussy became so wet I was covered in pussy juice - it was fantastic and I gladly pumped my come into her.

We lay there afterwards not saying a word just holding hands.

The Saturday morning I pressed a condom into her hand as she left - the 3 hours that she was gone seemed to take for ever - then the key in the lock, I was standing in the hall and Fi looked at me as she walked in and said"his cock was enormous". At that I grabbed her and dragged her into the lounge, pulled her knickers off and started lapping at her pussy - it was wet, red and swollen and I was sure that I could taste cum, fuck I was rock hard - she quickly came and I stood up and pulled my jeans down and she gave me one of her fantastic blow jobs.

I said tell me all about it - Fi gave me the blow by blow account of her massage and how she started rubbing his crotch with her feet and how he came around to her side and his gasp when she grabbed his cock through the thin cotton pants. Formalities were over by then he pulled the towel off her, parted her legs and licked her clit until she came, the condom was forgotten as he slowly managed to get his 9 inch and very thick monster inside her pussy.

Two hard fucks later she came home and I had had my first taste of another mans cum - I liked the taste

Fi has agreed to fulfill my fantasy and we are planning a full on MMF threesome.