Written by Steve

18 Dec 2013

It's a story of coincidences really. About 18 months ago I had some bleeding after my vasectomy and so made a rare visit to my gp surgery where I was examined by a nurse practitioner. Although she was certainly attractive that really was the last thing on my mind as she donned her rubber gloves to look. I was horrified tho when my cock hardened as she moved it aside to examine my balls. She smiled "it's a normal reaction" as she professionally dealt with the loose stitch causing the problem. I couldn't get out quick enough. To my disbelief I met her my football teams player and partners night out a few months later. She's James's wife. I blushed as she gave me a knowing smile but we hardly spoke and my clinic visit wasn't mentioned. The 3rd coincidence was last years works Xmas party at a country hotel where it turned out Steph and her colleagues were also partying. This time we spoke at length and laughed about the fact she'd seen me in all my glory. She flashed the flirtiest smile as she said ' and it was glorious". We separated for a while but when the slow dances started I made a beeline for her. I asked her to dance saying "there's lots of male predators here, at least James knows you'll be safe with me". She agreed and snuggled in close as we danced. I swear my hand just fell on her areas but what a great arse it was and she didn't object as I enjoyed her curves. The kiss just happened but was very passionate. As it ended I spluttered sorry. "Are you really? Because you're still having a good go on my ass. ". Immediately I pulled my hands off but she then gripped my arse and pulled me into her feeling my erection on her tummy. "Still feels glorious". We kissed hard again. "I want bed" she said. Without speaking I grabbed her hand and led her toward the door greeted by lewd cheers from her colleagues. We almost ran to my hotel room where we frantically kissed and groped at each other. Clothes just seemed to fall off. God her tits. Magnificent. But before I sucked them I asked her if she was sure this was ok. "Shut the fuck up" she growled pushing me onto the bed. She discarded her dress. Oh god black stockings. Straddling my face she fucked my mouth with her bald pussy. As I drank in her juices I couldn't help but think of all the spunk James must have pumped up there. She moved her bald cunt down to my cock. God she needed fucking. She laughed "at least I know I can't get pregnant" and then she impaled herself on my manhood. She rode me furiously. Being in my wife's mates love funnel was so exciting and as she rode herself to climax I emptied my balls into his woman's box. Bliss. I fell asleep and when I woke she was gone. I learnt later she'd rejoined the party and pulled again. It seems James's demure little nurse is a bit cock happy. I don't think he knows and I'm not telling. Good luck boys. It might be your turn next