Written by cumguzzler

8 May 2008

This is my 5th instalment and the 3rd and final true story about my mates wife.

Well, those of you who have read my previous stories will know that i have twice been in a situation with one of my mates wives whereby i suppose we have fun, but i am subjected to severe anal play before i can get any pleasure.

This is the most recent story which happened just last week and i dont think it will happen again as we have mutually agreed that it has to stop before it gets out of hand ( besides, now most of her mates know what an anal whore i am anyway and they take advantage of me as and when they see fit).

I cannot turn down any of them as they have pictures and will not flinch at showing my mates and that will be so humiliating for me.

I got a text of my mates wife last week in which she said that she was home alone (i knew that my mate was away that week on a works conference) and wanted some company. After a few texts she assured me that \'normal\' sex would be what she wanted and as i had yet to fuck her, despite having her completely sodomise me i thought why not.

I went around as agreed and she answered the door, looking pretty as ever. She gave me a peck on the cheek and led me into the lounge. I thought something was immediately awry as the lights were off and no sooner was i in the room, an array of hands muscled me to the floor and a blindfold was placed over my head. I was cuffed benind my back and stripped completely naked. I could hear lots of giggles and every now and then would feel either a finger or tongue flick over the end of my hardening cock.

My mates wife whispered in my ear that she had a few friends around, not the ones who had used me before, as after tellling them, they wanted some of the action. I had no idea who it could be but was nervous and excited. She told me to step into these panties for her and i could hear yet more giggles. Then the clicking of cameras.

\'You have a pair of pink lacey panties on and i have 4 girls here with me who are going to use you as we wish. If you comply then we may let you cum but i wouldnt keep your hopes up.\'

I went to talk but a pair of panties was pushed into my mouth. \'That was a present from Susan. Her dirty thong to shut you up - we dont want to hear a peep from you ok. You will lay there and take it.. Oh my god i thought. Susan was in my year at school and whilst beinig quite pretty was a complte slut from what i heard.

\'Ok girls, line up\' my mates wife said. And 1 by 1 each one gave me a slap around the face. This continued for a few minutes and i must have been glowing by the end. Of course the cameras continued throughout. 2 clothes pegs were then put on my nipples and another pair of panties washung over my now rock hard cock which had been pulled out the side of the lacey pair i was wearing. I could feel that i had precum and a finger wiped my cock and then put the precum on my chest.

\'Emma, Sophie and Nicola are also here to use you and we each have a strap on to fuck you with.\' I was bent over a chair and felt something on my lower back. I was told that they were writing the word \'SLUT\' on me in red lipstick.

I then felt the coldness of the lube that i was now used to and for the next 10 minutes or so was finger fucked by each girl. It started with gentle probing, then one finger, then another girl would take her turn. Gradually the fingers increased to 2 and then 3 and from time to time i would have fingers from different girls in my ass at the same time. They were all calling me a slut, whore, bitch, sissy throughout and were laughing at me and humiliating me. Every once in a while i would get a hard slap on my ass and if i was lucky would get my balls rubbed - the girls didnt want me to cum though and so would not lick or wank me.

Then over the next 30 mins an array of object were put into my ass. Each girl had had a task of purchasing a implement to bugger me with and I was well and truely used. Carrots, a cucumber, ketchup bottles, marker pens, chocolate bars. Pictures were taken with each up my ass and each girl had the opportunity to fuck me with every object. I was told what the object was befor it was inserted and the humiliating talk continued throughout.

After this i was warmed up with small vibes which then increased in size, before i was told, \'right! now for the strap on fun\'. The girls all laughed and i could hear the excitement in their voices. \'I can believe what a fucking useless slut he is\' one said. I was still rock hard though and was obviously aroused.

Each strap on was pretty much the same size but boy did the girls know how to fuck. Some went slow and deep whilst others liked to fuck me hard and fast. My screams and moans were muffled by the panties that were in my mouth.

I would say that i was fucked for over 30 mins at which time each girl said that they were pretty well spent. Each had had a real good go on my hole and they took it in turns.

\'Well then, what do we all say? Has the ridiculous disgustinig slut been good enough to let him cum?\' \'yea let him cum said one\' It will be good to watch\' Another chipped in with \'go on, let the dirty little pervert have his moment, he is rock hard so obviously loves his ass being played with the silly little man.\'

My nipples were now throbbing from the pegs which had been on there for over 1 hr.

The panties were taken out of my mouth and i tasted finger after finger of pussy. The dirty bitches had been fingering themselves too. One even put her vibe in my mouth and ordered me to clean my as from it as it had to go in her pussy later. Mouths and hands sucked and wanked my cock and balls and i was close to bursting point. I could hear voice after voice saying \' go on cum u bastard\' as well as the usual giggles. In the background i could also hear the clicking of the camera. Then as i groaned to let them know i was close, a glass was placed over the end of my cock which caught the ribbons of spunk as they flew out of my swollen helmet.

I was a little confused at first but when the glass was placed at my lip and i was ordered to drink i was a little shocked. My head was held back and the contents were tipped into my mouth and i swallowed it all. I was really excited so had a very big load to swallow.

\'you pathetic little bastard\' one voice said in suce a humiliating tone.

I was uncuffed and ordered to sit in the chair. \'On 3 remove your blindfold\' a voice said. \'1,2,3\' I slowly took it off and saw my mates wife with four of her mates, all stark naked and clapping at me. I knew them all from round town and they said, well don you really are the slut that we were promised.

I was told to get dressed and then my mates wife said, \'thanks for keeping us company tonight, now fuck off home\'. The others all laughed and one said - remember we will be in contact if we have use for you again and dont ever say no as we have these, and she pointed to the camera.

I took one look at all of the toys and implements that were used to fuck me on my way out and walked home completely humiliated and degraded.