Written by cumguzzler

1 Apr 2008

If you check my last story, you will see that a while ago my mates wife subjected me to an evenings worth of anal fun. Well this time the same thing happened, only with a twist - her mate was there.

I called his house phone as am arranging a trip for us in the next few weeks and his wife answered. Oh hi she said, look if you want to come round tomorrow at 9 then by all means do. She then called and passed the line to my mate.

So the next day i knocked the door, knowing what was going to happen but when I walked in i was greeted by her friend as well (whom i also know fairly well). I began to get really nervous as she obviously had told her and I was second guessing what was coming.

I sat down and drunk my coffee and then her friend, Emma said, so, i hear that you like things up your ass then. I went bright red and stuttered a bit. Dont worry, ive seen the photos but you know me, always talking and that - well you might need to do me a favour if you dont want the town to know. I knew what was going to happen but was not prepared for what came next.

Strip, she said. Which i did and then she handed me a pair of her black stockings to put on. I slid them over my legs and whilst it felt nice, i felt so exposed. My mates wife then took her camera out again and began clicking whilst Emma made suggestive moves on me. It was so erotic.

Then out came the handcuffs and i knew it was going to move on a stage. Both girls began to get a bit rough and pushed me about and I was blindfolded and bent over a chair on all 4s. Once again, I could hear the camera.

I was subjected to a few mins of spanking by both until i could feel my cheeks burn. They were laughing and really humiliating me.

Next, my mates wife said, \'right, we have a bag full of goodies for your ass, shall we begin\' and lubed me up as before. Once again i was fingered to begin with by both separately and at the same time. I was told that my ass felt nice and could hear the girls talking dirty to eachother.

I had again all sorts put in my ass from food (carrots, cucumber, mars bars, twix) to bottles of beer and deoderant and also a rabbit vidrator which was turned on fully and got my cock so hard. I wanted to yank myself so much by my hands were behind my back. The camera continued to capture the action and every now and then i would get a spanking for being a good boy. One of them (Emma i think) even kissed me on the lips and put one of her breasts in my mouth. She also got a sample of precum from my hard cock and put it in my mouth - i thought it was her pussy juice and felt bad when she told me. They just laughed though.

Then came the finale - \'So, we have one final thing to do before you are released.We ahve both made a purchase especilly for you.\' I began to get nervous but excited and my dilated as was twitching for sure. After a short while i felt something nudge into me. I guessed straight away -a strap on. I was buggered for the best part of half an hour as they swapped every few mins and encouraged eachother. At no point was my cock touched which made it unbearable.

Halfway through the blindfold was taken off and i was able to see myself being fucked. A full length mirror had been stood facing me. Both girls tits were swinging and both looked great. They sure knew how to fuck. At the end I was demanded to clean both strap ons and they were thrust in my mouth.

I was untied and laid back on the couch, exhausted. They were both naked and said well are you going to finish yourself off? I went to fondle Emma and she said - \'what the fuck do you think youre doing dont touch me!\' I couldnt believe it and they both cupped their breasts and opened their legs so i could see their openings. I came after about 5 strokes and made a mess of myself. They both laughed and my mates wife said \' i think you can go now\'.

I went to the bathroom to dress and clean up and left. Neither even acknowledged me as i said bye.

I saw Emma in town yesterday and she told me what a pathetic bastard i was and that she had told one of her old friends from uni who wants in on the action. Dont worry, she knows no one from around her so youll be ok.

I fear i will be subjected to a few more anal sessions yet

What a slut!