Written by sexstarved Asian

3 Dec 2017

Last Saturday, on a night out in Leicester, I ended up being chatted up a young 20 yrs old student and ended been fucked all night. I'm 48, Indian, reside in Hinkley, married to a wealthy businessman but so sex starved. He is always on the travel and not interested in sex or pleasing me. Instead, I've been bought all kinds of toys and doesn't mind me finding pleasure elsewhere.

My close friend and I ended up in a vodka bar, city centre of Leicester and decided to book a hotel for the evening. Dressed very sexy, short black dress, high heels and feeling horny after a glass of wine we went out finding attention.

This bar is known for young revellers, and it wasn't long before been approached by young looking lads offering drinks. Rude to say no, we were piled with vodka shot, cocktails and enjoying the touches of these men. Had my bottom felt, hips touched and close dancing.

These two guys caught the eye, both Asians, in their in 2nd-year medical degree. Originally from Birmingham and extremely good looking and dressed very smartly. They ordered more cocktails and showering us with compliments. Imran's hands were wondering on hips, sliding down to my buttocks, It felt so nice and I paid the compliment back by holding his waist. My friend was already snogging his mate.

Imran led me to the dance floor and we danced away, his hands all over me. He moved me closer and ended up snogging. His tongue deep in me. I enjoyed every minute of it. He was clearly turned as I felt his cock rubbing next to me. I was soaking wet, my tong dripping. We ended up on a couch in the corner, snogging and touching each other. His hands on my thighs feeling my shaven legs.

We ended up in my hotel. He had me all naked, on the bed, sucking my 34DD breasts and extremely hard brown nipples. Kissing all my body, head spinning with the drink and his tongue. We ended up in a 69, taking his hard cock while he licked me deep and slowly. My juices all over his mouth. I took his cock deep into my mouth, stroking his balls and sucking him hard.

Playing safe, I wanted to be fucked and he layed on his back, while I moved on top, taking his cock deep, began to ride him like a desperate whore. The feeling of a hard cock gets me all work up and horny. I rode him hard and fast until I screamed with cum. His hands were on my nipples squeezing them. I continued till he shot his load too.

Collapsed in his arms, he was so gentle stroking me and kissing. We talked for a bit and I wanked him hard again. He took me from behind and we fucked till he came first and I enjoyed his cock till my second orgasm.

Next morning , he had me again after a shower , this time quick and in a missionary position .