Written by Mike

9 Jul 2007

Well having read most of these escapades I thought I'd tell you about one of mine. I've been seeing my friend Jane for about six months now, she's a nice person, 49yrs old, divorced with no kids an accountant during the day and can be a real slut at night. She is very slim 32D-23-32. She dresses very posh although when the mood takes her she will dress for sex, sometimes looking tarty and always wears very high heels. After only our second date she said that if I was going to be seeing her regularly then I would have to accept some things about her. Some things of importance, I must never be jealous and just go along with what she did. Apart from her work she told me she was very good at cooking, sex, really loves giving blowjobs and getting drunk. During the six months I've found the cooking to be brilliant, the sex fantastic and the getting drunk rare, although when she does she staggers around for ages and sometimes just falls down. The blowjobs are fantastic and she says she will suck any cock she can. She loves anal sex as well, lucky me. About two months ago Jane said she was going to have her tits made bigger; she is a D cup now and was going to have them made three cup sizes bigger. I asked why and her answer was to have more on show. Well she had them done and they look huge and stick straight out, she had large nipples anyway, they now look like pegs. Even with a sweeter on she has all the men and some women ogling at her. We went to a party about 3 weeks ago and she wore a very low top, I lost track of her for an hour or so and when I saw her again she had spunk all over her, in her hair over her tits etc she just said she'd been sucking cock. The day after she said it had been 4 cocks one after the other. This I missed altogether so I said next time I wanted to watch. One day last week she rang me to ask if I would like to go to a porn party, it seemed a couple she knew were having a few people round for drinks and to show some porn films, apart from the guys wife Jane would be the only other women. Why not I said. It was on a Saturday and was starting about 9pm and not to be late. When sat came I had to drive to Bristol which is about three hrs each way so I said I might be late. By the time I got home, showered, changed and got to the house it was about 10:45. I went into the living room but it was dark with porn showing on a large flat screen TV, in the kitchen I was introduced to a women who just at that moment was bent over the table being shagged from behind, she held her hand out to shake hands whilst at the same time panting and making a lot of noise. Jane was no where to be seen yet. After getting myself a drink and looking round the other rooms I found Jane propped up against the wall in a passage to the bedrooms, she was obviously drunk and swaying about. I couldn't believe what she was wearing or nearly wearing. She was dressed in a short black leather skirt, a black leather top which was strapless with a split part way down the middle and which only just covered her nipples, it pushed her tits up making them bulge out of the top so that most of her tits were on show, black knee boots which had a 6" stiletto heel. Talk about asking for it. The top of her tits was glistening which at first I thought was sweat but soon realised was spunk. She told me she'd just been fucked by two guys and one had cum over her tits. She didn't want to wipe it off and was going to have some more cum shot over them. We went to the kitchen to get some more drinks and then went into the living room. At the back was a large settee with four guys sat watching and in front of that was three arm chairs. Jane went and sat in the middle of the settee while I stood at the back watching. Within a couple of minutes she was sucking the guy on her left while the guy on her right had his fingers inside her cunt, I then realised she had no knickers on. She was soon screaming to be fucked and this guy soon obliged her, both the guys seemed to cum at the same time, it was running out of her mouth onto her tits and running down her legs. Two other guys took over, altogether she got fucked 12 times and gave 15 blowjobs and also licked out the other women with everyone watching. By two am she was so drunk she could hardly stand and staggered about the house kissing everyone and having her tits squeezed.