Written by Molly

16 Aug 2011

My name is Molly and I was introduced to this site by a friend some time ago and I must admit that I have had a few laughs since! I am a mature woman, now aged forty-eight, I have been a widow for some ten years, I've always had a very high sex drive and needed plenty of penetrative sex. I am, as a consequence very experienced, I started early with a friend of my father, continued with various men friends until I met my husband, Ted and got married. Ted was a lovely man but could not keep up with my demands and we agreed that I could take lovers as long as I was discreet. Unfortunately he died early, a great blow as I loved him dearly, on the other hand he left me extremely well provided for which softened the blow. I have continued having lovers ever since, but it was not until four or five years ago that I found out about taking much younger lovers. I gather that a woman nowadays is described as a 'cougar', whatever does that mean? Another American expression which I dislike intensely.

My education concerning the benefits of a younger man came about by chance. I'd had occasion to make an insurance claim that required an 'assessor', the man who turned up was a very attractive, good-looking, young man. This man, who's name was Jean-Paul, he had a French mother apparently, had a good look at the problem and said that he would have to take advice and return another day. He was extremely easy to talk to and it didn't escape my notice that he had a very obvious bulge down the left leg of his trousers, we agreed an appointment for another day and off he went. I must say he made quite an impression on me and I had some pretty lascivious thoughts about him afterwards.

On the day we had arranged he rang me to say that he was running late and, if I didn't mind, could he just come along when he was able, which obviously I agreed to. It was late August and turned out to be a lovely warm sunny day so I took the advantage of donning my bikini and lying out on the back lawn to try and get a bit of a tan as I was going to Turkey with a friend in early September. I changed, put on a flimsy wrap, found my book and lay out in the garden on a lounger. I had no idea when J-P, as I took to calling him, would arrive, so I had an early lunch and took it out to the garden with me.

Rather late in the afternoon I heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it, it was J-P of course. I had put on my wrap, which didn't conceal much, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Once inside he said, 'I could see that you had a great figure the other day Mrs.W, but I had no idea quite how fantastic you looked!' I smiled, 'Thank you very much, why don't we go out to the garden and discuss things there?' Once outside I took my wrap off, 'Wow!' J-P went, 'I reckon that you have a lovely pair of breasts if I could only see them!' I laughed, 'I'm not shy J-P,' and reaching behind, unclipped the bra top, and took it off. 'Christ!' he cried, 'I was right, you've obviously looked after yourself.' 'No babies,' I replied, 'plus I do keep myself in shape.' 'I can see that,' he said, his eyes dropping down to 'C' level. I could see that he was getting excited, his bulge simply got bigger. I said, 'Well, seeing as you've been very complimentary, how about I let you see the rest?' And I hooked my bikini bottom down and kicked it away. 'Oh my God!', was the response. I have always shaved my pubic area and, although he could really only see a little of my quim, he couldn't tear his eyes away.

By now I was getting rather aroused myself, I said, 'I gather you like what you can see, I suggest, if you're really interested, that you remove your clothes and display that monster you're hiding down the left leg of your trousers!' He turned red, 'I've never made it with an older woman,' he said. 'That's okay,' I replied, 'I haven't had it with a younger man either!' He scrambled to get his clothes off, hopping about on one leg until he was as naked as I was. I gasped at the size of his dick, I've had many a laugh at women claiming that they've had anything between ten and eleven inches and men claiming to have that sort of size too, but I know as a woman that such things are a rarity. My husband was a doctor you see. J-P's dick was around eight inches but the thing that really caught my interest was that it was that it was so thick, as soon as I saw it I wanted it thrusting into me.

I grabbed him and we kissed passionately, I panted, 'I know there's no love here but I am very attracted to you and I like a good seeing-to!' He ducked his head and sucked my nipples, at the same time feeling between my legs. I parted them to let him feel me properly, needless to say I was wet in no time at all!

I couldn't wait, I panted, 'Come on J-P, I can't wait!' I lay down on the short, soft, grass and spread my legs. He had a good look at what I was offering. One thing experience has taught me is that a woman displaying her bits always gets a man hotted up! Anyway, J-P took the hint and, kneeling between my legs, lowered himself with his lovely dick in his hand and positioned it just right. Next moment he was stretching my quim as his knob penetrated, he kissed me as I gasped and eased it up inside. I'd never had a dick that thick in me before and loved the fact that it rubbed my clit all the time. Normally the only time I come is when, either a man gives me oral, or he is an exceptionally strong spurter when he comes. Now I began coming right from the start, at first just fairly gentle ones but, as I encouraged him to thrust harder, I started coming more intensely. He didn't last long before he came, but then I had one of the biggest orgasms that I'd ever had as he spurted more fiercely than I had ever felt before. For a moment I completely lost awareness, did I faint? I don't know, but as I came-to I found that I was digging my nails into his back in a frenzy of erotic euphoria.

He flopped on me, gasping for breath, when he could speak he said, 'Sorry about that, Molly, new cunt always does that to me, and yours is so responsive. Don't worry though, give me five minutes and I'll be hard again and I'll give you a better ride!' He was right too, a few minutes later I felt his dick swelling and growing longer again and away he went for a second time. It was magical, after a few seconds I wasn't aware of who was doing me, or anything else as my mind became full of the most detailed sexual sexual images and I came and came. He used me until I was exhausted and begged him to finish, he kissed me and three hard thrusts later he started spurting for a second time and that set me off all over again! What a man!

The thing about this was that he wasn't finished and wanted me again a bit later on, I let him of course and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. That was just the first time for I wanted him back as many times as he wanted, it was, I confess, never quite like that first time. But I still came many times and learned that he was almost inexhaustible and had amazing stamina. I learned, too, not to take offence at the crude language he used at times and even used it myself during the heights of passion.

What happened later, when I went on holiday with my best friend Irene to Turkey, was that, as she had assured me, there were plenty of young Turkish men only too eager to fuck mature English women. Their cocks were longer than boys back home, if not as thick as J-P's, not that I ever got to the claimed lengths of ten or eleven inches! We both had all the sex we wanted, even foursomes and partner swapping, something I would never have dreamed of, and they all knew what the word 'fuck' meant! It was a real eye opener that holiday in Turkey and we have repeated it several times, we even looked for compliant young men in Spain too and succeeded! You never know what you can do until you try!