Written by mb

18 Dec 2010

I'd not had a chance to fuck a stranger since my late summer beach encounters with a succession of mostly foreign gentlemen, the opportunity had not presented itself. Until last week, during a routine train ride to Cardiff for a work meeting. I had booked a seat in the quiet carriage, towards the back of the train, empty when I took my seat.

I took off my coat, I was wearing a stretchy and sexy jersey dress, fairly low cut with stockings and heels. I sat down, finished my coffee, applied some make up, deep red lipstick and read the paper. Before long, I was feeling horny, the motion of the train perhaps. My cunt twiched, one hand slid inside my bra and massaged my hardened nipples, the other slid between my legs. I slipped off my panties and was enjoying fingering my wet cunt, eyes shut.

An embarrassed cough disturbed my fun and I was startled to see the ticket guy standing next to me, I wondered how long he had been watching. He asked to see my ticket but clearly couldn't take his eyes off my legs and big tits. I smiled as I looked him over. Late 50s I'd guess, bearded and bald, just as I like them. Bit on the heavy side. Wedding ring. Large bulge in his trousers, my signal.

He hesitated as he handed back the tickets, then added, you remind me of someone I know. His daughter's friend Mandy. Then he simply sat down next to me and reached for my tits - suggesting perhaps he could help satisfy me. I pulled the dress down to reveal my bra, his hand slid into the cup and then his mouth, sucking and licking my nipple. I unclasped my bra to allow better access, arched my back, moaned and enjoyed the attention. My excitement was heightening, my cunt twiched in expectation. No nerves, noone around, perfect.

I wanted to touch and suck his cock, so I asked him if he was hard and would he like to be sucked, he nodded and quickly unzipped his flies. He pulled out an impressive cock, rigid and creaming slightly. I leant over and took him deep into my mouth, bobbing up and down, my deep red lips clasped to his firm cock. Mmmmm I love stranger's cock.

He groaned and kept calling me Mandy, telling me he knew I'd always wanted him, that he knew I would be a great cock sucker, he always knew I was a dirty girl. He held my head in his hands, guiding my speed and rhythm. But I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, no my cunt needed some attention. I sensed he was building to his climax and pulled away, he looked anxious briefly but I swiftly straddled him and slowly slipped onto his cock til he was buried in my cunt. His hands were roughly squeezing my large breasts as I rocked up and down bareback on his pole. He sucked my tits, nibbling my nipple, practically drooling over them.

I enjoyed this stranger's cock as I rode and his tit fetish, I was so turned on, he kept talking, kept telling me what a tease I had been, how he always knew he'd fuck me, knew he'd fuck my tight cunt. I came with a shudder and pulled off him. He hadn't finished, but I had a treat in store for him, as his Mandy I wanted to be his cock loving slut, I used my juices to moisten my arse, spread my cheeks with my hands and sat back on his cock. Slowly, slowly until he was fully in my arse. Then resumed my rocking, my tits boucing gently as I rode his lovely cock.

He kept saying, oh god, oh god, oh god, then silence as he jerked and bucked under me, filling my arse till he was spent, filling me with his jism.

I climbed off him, smiling as he thanked me, still calling me Mandy. Hoping he'd see me again. Told him I looked forward to it as we adjusted our clothes and returned to our usual roles as passenger and ticket supervisor.

Let's hope he's on the train home tomorrow. I rather enjoyed being his Mandy whoever she was!