Written by Jonniespunk

5 Feb 2018

More often than not there’s no second meeting and you never know why. People just disappear like smoke. Rarely, a bi-curious guy will just be honest and say the fantasy didn’t match the reality. Take the fella who wanted to be forced to suck cock. He showed up, I ordered him upstairs, demanded he strip and keel and then held him down hard on my cock as I fucked his mouth. He didn’t even get a semi so after a minute or two I had to stop a check out if he was okay. “I’m not sure this is for me mate” he said a bit sheepishly, “But thanks for helping me work that out of my system. Shall I just wank you off?” “No, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.” I lied, as I stood there stark bollock naked with my hard-on. I let him off the hook and he was out of the door before you could say Jack Robinson.

Pete’s a different kettle of fish. He’s eager, he’s enthusiastic and he’s punctual. He’s here bang on time for our second meeting and this time we head straight to the bedroom. I cop a feel of his firm bubble-butt in Lycra and then whizz off to make tea. What follows for the first few minutes is a sort of de-briefing on our first meeting which, despite the fact he left me with a hard-on, I really enjoyed. I knew he’d be back. He didn’t feel guilty, he didn’t feel ashamed, he wanted to go further.

We stood up and pressed our bodies together. I could feel he was instantly hard. I fondled his body through his clothes, running my hands over his arse, the inside of his thighs and up his top to stroke his nipples. I lifted his top over his head, and as he stood bare-chested, I kissed and licked his nipples and ran my hand over his hard cock and down cupping and squeezing his balls. He began to unbutton my shirt and as he brushed my nipples I could feel the surge and tingle of blood engorging my cock. I pushed my hand into his pants stroking and groping his tackle. His cock was wet, very wet. I slid his pants over his arse, pulling them right down. I love the big reveal, the moment you see a guy’s excitement. Pete’s dick stood stiff, upright and glistening. I pulled my trousers off, sat on the bed and cupped his smoothly shaved balls. I ran my hands over his buttocks and into the cleft as I went down on his him. He tasted delicious and his cock was as solid as cast iron.

I guided him on to the bed got him to flip over onto his belly and gently parted his buttocks. His crack was freshly shorn of hair and his pink butt-hole looked so inviting. I licked down into his crack, over his hole and around the back of his balls. His cheeks are so muscular and nicely developed it’s hard to do anything but skirt around his hole and so I pushed a hand between his legs, massaged his cock, which by this point saturated by pre-cum, and gently coaxed him onto all fours. Maintaining my grip on his cock I went back in with my tongue. I think that next time I’ll get him to straddle my face to get more tongue penetration while still allowing access to his tackle. The urge to fuck him is almost overwhelming. I think it might be too much at this point and so I make do with rubbing my cock and drops of pre-cum into his crack, hoping he’s enjoying the first time feel of another man’s cock pressed right up against his man hole. I whisper, “I’m not going to fuck you this time”, just in case he’s feeling any anxiety that I might try to bareback him. I just want him to know how it feels.

I get him to flip again onto his back and we manoeuvre into 69. As I lick the pre-cum off his dick, Pete surprises me by returning the favour and then glides his lips right over my bell-end and down my shaft. This feels delicious and for a maybe thirty seconds I lose concentration, flop onto my back and revel in getting blown. He’d told me of his oral prowess with women, but this is the first time he’s sucked cock and he does it like an expert. Again, I have a strong urge to spurt my load into his mouth, but that might be crossing a boundary and I want to take things slowly. When we first met he didn’t know if he was even bi, let alone top, bottom or versatile – he doesn’t know if he’s in Debenhams or Lewis’s as I like to put it. I glad he picked me to help him decide! I go back to sucking him and in no time he pumps a huge load into in my mouth. He continues wanking me and I cum onto my belly and over his fingers. It crosses my mind that it’s a first for him.

I share a house and I like to be discreet and that and work schedules mean it’s difficult to meet with great frequency… but we will be meeting again and I’m sure we will continue to push the boundaries. I’ve checked out his likes on his swinging heaven profile, outdoor and threesomes are both there and you know, I’ve got one or two mates who’d be interested and Spring is just around the corner.... But there'll be a few milestones on the way.