Written by hornyhubby

15 Mar 2010

one day i had to go on business about 4 hrs drive away from home, i had asked the wife if she fancied coming with me and we could stay the night which we did, we had a few drinks and went to bed. i got up next morning with a slight hangover horn, anyway on the way home, we had decided to stop at an area where there are lots of lakes in NI surrounded by various forest paths etc.

we held hands and walked for a while then we both stopped and kissed getting us both horny. we then strayed slightly off one of these paths, the wife opened her dress and slid down her knickers and took off her bra, lay down and i immed started licking her sweet pussy, before i dropped my trousers and kaks and started riding her. we were at it about ten mins when we heard a persaon approaching, dressed in forest wear gear, he was a ranger type employee about 50 ish. we had never been caught before at this type of thing and we both froze with embarassment. however my lovely wife started playing with herself while her legs were spread wide open for him to see. i catually burst out laughing at the spectacle. the ranger undid his belt and dropped his trousers and was frantically wanking himself, he then got down on his knees and began to lick my wifes pussy. by this stage i was ready to blow my load with excitement. slowly he moved upwards until his cock was right at the entrance to my wifes pussy, she put both her hands onto his arse cheeks and slowly edged his cock into her wet twat. for or five strokes and he was done, grunting and blowing his load into donnas pussy. he pulled out, pulled his trousers up and watched me lick his spunk from her pussy. i pushed my tongue as far up her pussy as i could tasting his salty warm spunk. jesus i was horny, and pushed my throbbing cock into her and almost immed i too had blew my load. donna lay there all red and hot playing with her pussy and frigged herself to orgasm. we never spoke to the guy afterwards, just got dressed and left. hope it happens again soon.