Written by kevh197

5 Jan 2010

It all started when i chatted to hubby about me having sex with another women so i went on a sight and asked for one to one with another women. The day later i got a text back saying she would like to meet up but hadnt anywhere to do so.I suggested she came to my house in the daytime when the kids where at school and hubby was at work. But hubby knew i had planned this but turned with the thought of his wife having sex with another women.Anyway the day arrived we where both very nervous we chatted and giggled like we do then i asked the question should we go upstairs she said yes, we went to the bedroom and locked it . we started to kiss eachother and then i put my hand over her breasts and fondled her she had huge tits i started to kiss them and suck her nipples she lifted them out and gave them to me.then she started to put her hands over my breasts and started to suck them she kept saying you have great boobs.she was so excited kissing my boobs i groaned with excitement . Then i started to rub her pussy under her knickers they where so soaked mmmmmmmm then she started to groan she lied back while i opened her legs and started to lick her pussy it was so soft and juicy then i started to finger her hard she was moaning with pleasure,,,, then she started to feel my shaven pussy and she said she wanted to lick me on her face so i climbed on top and rubbed my pussy on her face she was loving it moaning and groaning she reached out and rubbed my bouncy tits i was so excited i was rubbing it and rubbing my pussy on her face then i started to cum on her face she licked it all off my pussy what a dirty girl she was xxxxxxxxxxxx