Written by Emma

12 May 2012

Hi my name is Emma i work in a call centre in Sheffield and have met a gorgeous hunk called Ben that has recently started working in the same department. Two weeks ago some of us decided to go for a drink after work on Friday and i asked Ben to join us which he did. We went to the pub which is just down from our office and quickly got quite drunk. I couldnt take my eyes off Ben who has the best physique.

We were chatting and flirting througout the evening and he was just as interested in me as i was him. I went outside for a smoke and he joined me, beofre i had even finished my fag he said "i want you to suck my cock" to which i replied "get it out" we went to the back of the pub and got down to business he had such a wonderful smooth thick cock that i sucked hard and fast. Ben was loving it he was pulling my hair calling me a slag, i decided enough was enough and stopped sucking as i desperately wanted his cock inside me.

I bent over raised my skirt and ordered him to fuck me which he did and boy did he fuck me hard he was pulling my hair, slapping my big arse really giving me a good seeing to i loved it, i felt him shoot his cum deep inside me and soon it was running down my leg. As we sorted ourselves out we kissed passionately, he asked if we could do this again and i said of course as he was well fit.