Written by OllieW91

4 Feb 2013

A little bit about myself, I am 21 and fairly well built, short dark hair and rather lucky downsatirs with a 8" dick when hard.

I have been with my girlfriend sometime but our sex life has become boring and the arguing has increased. This brings me onto her mother, and she is truly a MILF. She is 48, blonde hair, skinny figure and a very big chest, 32DD I now know!

It was a summers day and I had gone to pay a suprise visit to my GF, upon arriving I bumped into the Mother in law in the garden in some denim shorts and a short vest like top, it was hard to take my eyes off her, we chatted for a little while until she told me that my GF had gone to work to cover as someone was off ill that day. I turned to leave saying well catch you soon anyway. As I was walking she called me and said, well you're here now why not have a drink, so I walked into the kitchen with her, unable to take my eyes off her bum as she was walking. She glanced around and caught me looking, she said eyes up boy! I didn't know how to react and made my apologies, she said how would my daughter feel knowing I was checking her mother out.

She poured me a drink and leaned over, exposing her cleavage, I couldn't not look and she said I just caught you again there, but she was looking into my eyes and licked her lips, she put a hand on my thigh and said I know about you're problems with my daughter recently, she would be a fool to lose you. I didn't know what to say and just sighed, thinking. It was at this point my mother in law made my fantasies come true, she took my hand and said well I will appreciate you. She led me upstairs to her bedroom, I was thinking is this really going to happen, I had wanted it for ages but could I do it?

I think she sensed my nerves and she took her top off to reveal her firm breasts inside a sexy black bra, then removing the denim shorts to show the even sexier black panties. She came towards me and told me to kiss her, I leaned in and did as she said, her warm lips met mine and I could feel her rubbing my dick through my trousers, I began to relax and I began to rub her pussy through the panties, she pulled away and pulled my dick from my trousers, she took my entire dick in her mouth and began to suck my hard cock, she was the best cock sucker I had ever had, she took the whole dick inside her mouth as well as rubbing my balls until she sensed I was ready to cum, she stopped and told me to return the favour.

She laid on the bed and I pulled her panties away to reveal her shaven pussy, I buried my head between her thighs and began to lick her moist pussy, she beagn to moan and hold my head down, I continued to lick her pussy until she was so wet and she begged me to fuck her. I eased myself into her and began to fuck her, starting slowly but getting harder with eash thrust into her, we did this for a few minutes until she told me to fuck her in doggy.

She was on all 4s on the bed, I kneeled behind her and thrusted myself into her, fucking her hard and rough from the start this time, I was slapping her arse as I fucked her with her screaming my name, we continued this until she muttered a senetence of please don't cum inside me, I am not using any protection. I stopped straight away and pulled out, I slide my cock into her arsehole, it was so tight and I knew I was about to end soon after, I came into her arsehole, more than I had ever cum before, she was screaming as the cum poured out of her arse.

I left shortly after but this wasn't the last time we fucked, should I write more??