Written by Mr happy

13 Feb 2016

It all started when we started talking about how we could spruce our sex life up after being married for over 5 years, I had no idea it would end up with my wife having a threesome with her extremely well hung ex.

I have always been lucky that my wife keeps herself in good shape and I was more than happy to spend 5k in getting her boobs enlarged to a 32 FF, as soon as they were done my wife who was in her late 30's started to show them more with her new wardrobe of low tops and skin tight gym clothes which I enjoyed seeing, once or twice I thought her tops were to low for work as when she bent over there was nothing left to the imagination which I rather liked.

My close mates suddenly started asking about her boobs about where and when she had them done most of them asked to see some pictures, so I told my wife about this and to my Surprise she said that I could take some pics and show them if I wanted which I did. My mates seemed more than intrested and the more they looked the more I got excited originally just lingerie pics but eventually nude pics as long as I told my wife what they said everyone seemed happy.

This is how it all started and we started talking dirty in bed about how it made us feel and what it would be like if someone else would join us in the bedroom, after a twenty minute chat discussing difrent friends and colleagues she mentioned her ex who she had seen for a few months- who she still worked with she described him as extremely dirty and with a massive cock that scared her the first time she felt it due to the size and width.. I started to get hard as she was talking and she said shall I text him I wasn't sure how I felt but I agreed , within seconds he replied and within 4 texts she popped the question which he replied I would be more than happy if you two are ok with it ? We replied YES . So with that we arranged a night out in a city in East Anglia .

I booked the hotel with a room for three and we got there early within an hour he arrived at the room and we started the small talk we all got ready and as I showered I had the hardest cock for years thinking about the night, when my wife came out she was wearing a deep plunge dress just covering her breast which looked amazing. When we were out every man seemed to be starring at her breasts as they seemed to be on show from every position. At the second pub we went to I disappeared to the toilet and left them two alone on my return the group of ladies seemed to be talking about us but I thought I was being paranoid and then her ex mentioned that when we I was at the toilet they had been kissing which instantly got me harder and he started to run her legs towards her pussy under the table but where I could see to my surprise my wife started to rub his cock through his jeans and that's when I realised how big he was, we all sat there and I struggled to speak as my wife was taking it in turns to rub both of us under the table when we moved to the next bar she was rubbing and grinding with us both on the dance floor needless to say the night ended up one of the best sexual nights I have ever known ... If you want to hear about the hotel just let us know ? my camera batteries were flat by 3 am that's all I can say today and I never knew how much fun it could be ... I don't seem to be jealous which is strange ??? just still hard thinking about it !! If anyone else has tried a MMF I would like to know your thoughts and why it is so exciting??