Written by Mark g

25 Mar 2011

Last Saturday I went in to town with my mates whilst my wife stayed in with a few bottles of wine with Kerry our next door neighbour. I got home about 2am I walked in my wife Emily and Kerry was pissed and kerrys husband was with them, he was being very flirty and touching booths women. I walked In and Emily got me a drink an d we all sat on the settee Kerry was talking about the porn DVDs I leant them saying I was a dirty Fucker, Emily sId why don't we put one on now and made me get one. After 5 mins emily sAid she was jealous because the girl in the film was getting her tits sucked and she wasnt, so I told her to get her tits out then and I will suck them, normally she would never do anything like that but off came her top then she took off her bra to show us her pert tits, Emily told me to suck her tits and I gladly did as Kerry and Peter watched on. Emily stopped me after a minute and said why don't we all strip off. Emily tugged my jeans down as I took off my top, then I pulled down emilys skirt a d g string. Peter was already naked sporting a semi on after a bit of persuasion Kerry went topless. Her tits were 36 dd's and looked great, Pete finally pulled her knickers off we all just sat there for a minute not knowing what to do, then Pete sId he needed a fat a picked his cloths up and went outside, Emily was disappointed but walked over to Kerry and started kissing her. I sat At the other side of Kerry and started playing playing with her tits. Kerry started stroking emilys cunt as I watched on, then she slowly put one finger in and then another until she was finger fucking her fast, Emily was moaning and pawing at her kerrys tits. I got in between kerrys legs and started to finger her. Emily came and just after Kerry came. We stopped for a few minutes waiting for Pete to come back in and Kerry went upstairs to the toilet.

After 10 mins Pete came back in and Kerry was still upstairs, so as Emily peeled off Petes trousers I went upstairs to find Kerry, she wAs half asleep on our bed. I tweaked her nipple then sucked it as her hand reached for my cock. Kerry slowly sables me as I fingered her and sucked her tits. She came again on my fingers and laid back down so I crept down stairs. I looked into the living room where I saw Emily sat on the edge of the sofa sucking Petes cock as he was stood up playing with her tits. I walked in and offered my cock to her and she took turns in sucking our cocks. Emily was wild now and sat back in the sofa and opened her legs wide and pulled Peres cock towards her wet cunt. I watched as he slipped in easily and started fucking her really fast, a couple of mins later he shot his cum in her then she beckoned me over, I slipped in so easily a d it was feeling another mans cum in her cunt. I lasted about a minute until I shot my cum in her.

The three if us sat in the sofa having a breather when emily asked Pete and me to get each other hard again, now Kerry once told Emily that Pete likes the thought of wanking a man off but I had never thought of it. Pete came and sat with me and started wanking me slowly I then without thinking did the same to him and it felt great, within second we were both hard and Pete was laying on the floor whilst emy rode him. I went round the back of Emily and started to put my finger up her arse she just turned to me and said put your coxk up which I gladly did. There we were dping my wife and I could feel Petes cock rubbing past me. 5 mins later I had cum up her arse and Pete had cum up her cunt again.

Pete then got changed and went home leaving us with Kerry for the night which is another story if you wouldike me to tell you. Me and Pete are going out tonight and Emily is picking us up so hopefully there will be another story to tell you.