Written by steveB

25 Nov 2007

I have to have regular medical checks for my work, and the most recent, last Friday, was more fun than usual. I went for the appointment and a nurse did all the normal things, then into the office for the Doctor, usually a different one each time. I’d never seen her before, but I could feel the chemistry between us as soon as I saw her. She’s tall, 5’10, slim, strawberry blonde hair, early/mid 40’s, pretty face. We chat and she starts checking eyesight, but there’s obviously something mutual – she’s standing much closer to me than she needs to.

No wedding ring on her finger.

Then eye contact as she works, then smiles when they’re not needed, very unprofessional.

I’m on the bench, wearing just my briefs, trying to stop a semi getting bigger. She’s using a stethoscope, back and chest. Too much hand contact, well more than necessary.

End of medical, pass no problem. Then as she does the paperwork, she starts the questions. She’s seen the suntan, so I get the ‘Do I use sunblock’ stuff, we chat about skin cancer. What about prostate check – I’m 55, so yes, had it done last year and it’s ok. Then testicular cancer, do I check for lumps and bumps? ‘Not really’, I reply ‘but I think I’d notice’. She starts to look serious. ‘You must check regularly, it’s very common and a killer if it’s not treated’. ‘OK’, I say, ‘I’ll start to do it more thoroughly’. ‘Do you want me to show you how to do it properly?’ she asks. I’m struck dumb for a second. ‘Don’t be embarrassed, it needs doing properly and I’ll show you how’.

She stood up from behind her desk, came over to the couch where I’m sitting on the edge, still in my white Hom briefs, a bit too tight for comfort. ‘Lie back and I’ll show you’, she says. I do it without saying anything. She pulls down my briefs, and I lift my bum to make it easier. Then she’s got my cock in her hand, lifting it, and she’s fondling my balls. No chance of hiding the effect it’s having. She starts to explain how to look for lumps and bumps on my balls, but I’m not concentrating. She says ‘you’re fine, no problems, but keep checking yourself’. I’m rock hard, and she’s not taken her hand off my cock. ‘Would you like me to help you with that?’ she asks. I just nod, in a dumb way. She starts to wank me, quite gently, then harder. No pretence of medical stuff now, the pretty Doctor is giving me a great hand job. She’s smiling, making nice comments about my size – I’m quite a big boy.

Then her other hand moves to my bum, she’s fingering my hole, pressing against the muscle. It’s electric, I’m coming in a second. She’s wanking me hard now, and pressing her finger into me. ‘Gonna come’ I manage to warn her. ‘Go on’ she says, and I do. Big spurts over her hand and arm. ‘Oh you needed that’ she says, laughing and handing me a paper towel.

I’m taking her out to dinner next Saturday, perhaps she liked what she saw.