12 Aug 2019

Me and Eileen had went away for the weekend to a hotel that has country dance weekends, al was going very good we had dinner on Saturday night and made are way to the dance hall. Eileen was wearing a long blue dress shoulder less showing a lot of boob she had a strapless white bra on and pair of knickers to match. The band came on and the music was great we were very happy with a few drinks in us, Iam not the best of dancers and Eileen was busting to get up. About a hour in to the dance a chap aged about thirty five years old, tall with short hair came over and asked could he dance with Eileen I said its up to here she was up one the floor with him in no time at al. I seen him look down the top of her dress and knew he was getting a good look at the top of her 44d tits. After a few dance,s she came and sit beside me and just smiled, I said to her do you like him she said back to me I want him I knew what she meant and said back to her how do you mean she said up in the room Game on I said to myself. It was not to long before the chap was back over asking her up again by this stage I new his name was Dave of they go onto the dance floor there dancing away and he's looking down her dress, the band start to play a slow number and he puts his arms around her waist. as the song goes on he drops his hands on to her bum and pulls her into him I see her look up into his face and smile at him. When she came back to the table I said to Eileen if he ask,s you up again ask him up to the room for a drink she said I al ready have she said after he gets me up again go you up to the room we will meet you up there, I told her as soon as she gets in the room go to the bathroom, Dave came over again this time he took her hand walking her on to the floor and patting her bum at the same time I watched them for a bit and then made my way up to the room. I quickly got a see through very short night dress out and a pair of french knicker and left them in the bathroom. It was not long and they were at the room they came in Eileen went straight to the bathroom and Dave took a gin and lemonade he sat on a chair and I sat on the edge of the bed. It was not long before Eileen was out of the bathroom Dave just looked at her and she said to him do you like what you see he said O I do indeed. Eileen came and sat beside me and i stated to kiss her she had her legs open and the hair of her pussy was out both sides of her knickers you could see her pussy through her knickers also. The nightdress was right up to her thigh so I pulled the top of her nightdress down showing her 44d tits and i started to suck one I said to Dave the other one is yours, he was over like a shot sucking her tit and put his hand on her pussy Eileen started to kiss him, me and Dave started to strip of. his dick must of been nine inch,s hard and thick he got on the bed with Eileen and they were kissing like mad his hands were al over her the next thing Eileen got on top of him and Eileen put her hand down getting hold of his dick and putting it inside her. Dave was pulling her tits and bucking her good they were both loving it I came closer to them and started to feel Eileen bum I put my finger inside her bum and started to finger her bumat this she started to buck Dave faster I started to kiss lick and bit her bum rubbing my hand up her legs and putting my fingers in her pussy along side Dave,s dick at this I herd Eileen cum and she fell down on Dave. I rolled beside them and rolled Eileen on her back spread her legs and pulling one of them up and put my hard dick into her and started to buck her Dave kneeled up and put his still hard dick in her mouth Eileen was sucking him good as I pulled her nipples and bucked her pussy next thing Eileen was cuming again Dave spunked in her mouth she drink al his spunk and I spunked up her pussy.