Written by Rayman

24 Aug 2017

It was the last night of our holiday in Maspolomas. It had been such a good week with plenty of sex. After dinner at the hotel we thought we would walk to the Yumbo for a drink. We had such a good day in the dunes that we weren’t looking for anyone to hook up with, just a drink and some people watching would have been fine.

We found a bar at the Yumbo and sat outside just watching people go by, it was a nice warm evening and the atmosphere was relaxing. At the adjacent table I noticed a couple were glancing over at us. She was strikingly attractive, long dark hair, curvaceous with large breasts and a great cleavage in her tight dress. She wore bright red lipstick, which also drew our attention to her. The guy she was with was decent looking and he smiled at my wife and said ‘you are staying at the same hotel as us, we have noticed you a couple of times’. This started the conversation and they came to sit with us.

The couple John and Alison (names protected) were an early 30s couple. We made the usual small talk and they asked what we had done during the day and we mentioned we had been to the dunes. They smiled and asked us about our experiences and they shared their experience of the dunes. We ordered some more drinks and they did the same for us.

Our chat became more sexual and they explained they were both bisexual and they had only been with one other couple and that had been great. They were very pleasant to talk to and were very sexy. Our hotel was about a 15-minute walk from the Yumbo so we decided to walk back together. As we walked back we all flirted and it was clear without anyone saying anything that we would end up having sex together. When we got to the hotel, John said which room are we going to use, we all smiled and I said toss a coin. We went back to John and Alison’s room.

As soon as we got into the room my wife and Alison started to kiss passionately, their hands all over each other. Alison had my wife up against the bedroom door and her hands lifted my wife’s skirt and she pulled down my wife’s g-string, she then went down to lick my wife’s pussy. I had stripped off and was wanking as I watched. John came over to me and started to suck my cock, when he started to lick my arse I thought I would come, I resisted and started to give him a blowjob to ease my pending orgasm.

My wife and Alison were now naked on the bed, my wife on top of Alison their ample breasts pressed against each other, their fingers in each other’s pussy and their tongues in each other’s mouth. It was difficult to concentrate on the blowjob with these sexy ladies next to me.

Alison and my wife moved into a 69 position with my wife on top, this was too good an opportunity to miss and I positioned myself behind my wife and started to fuck her. It was incredible, she was so wet and when Alison started to lick my balls I had an almighty orgasm and filled my wife with a load of spunk. I pulled out of her and Alison was waiting to greedily suck my cock and then when I moved away she licked my wife’s pussy hitting all the right places as she came hard on Alison’s face.

John wanted the same experience so Alison assumed the top position in a 69 with my wife and John started to fuck Alison as my wife licked his balls and her clit. They both came quickly. My wife and I then enjoyed licking Alison’s cum filled pussy.

We all lay on the bed feeling very satisfied and we chatted. I started to kiss Alison and my wife started to give John a blowjob. As I kissed and fingered Alison she asked me if I would let John fuck me, I said ok but condom only. Alison went over to kiss John and I started to play with my wife, she was so gloriously wet that my cock slid into her as I was on top of her. I slowly started to fuck her and then I could feel my arse being played with. John’s cock was edging into my arse as I fucked my wife, I whispered to my wife that I was about to be fucked, and I pushed my arse back and John’s cock slid in. My wife felt the jolt and she came, I also came very quickly and filled her with more spunk, it was an extremely intense incredible orgasm. John’s cock twitched and he came quickly too. Alison was masturbating furiously next to us, she was using her vibrator and she made the loudest moan as she came. We were now exhausted and very hot. We relaxed, kissed and said our goodbyes, we didn’t know if we would see them again as we had to leave the following day. It was an extraordinary climax to a sex filled week. It left us wanting more experiences back home.